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Thank you for visiting. Depending on what lead you here, you may have expected to find a dealer of wheelchair vans. From 2007-2019 we were a dealer, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. We were the only source in America for used wheelchair vans in "Certified" condition. Each had been highly rejuvenated by our uniquely talented team.

During those 12 years we were very inspired and moved by folks in wheelchairs, and their families. In 2019 my wife and I decided to be of service in a different way. We are now dedicated to providing unbiased information, advice and solutions regarding any topic related to your search and purchase of a used wheelchair van. We were uniquely, fully immersed in the wheelchair van industry. What we learned during those years now greatly benefits all folks seeking used wheelchair vans.

Our offer to you is simple and real: feel free to contact me for your FREE 15-minute phone consultation. Unlike any other source in the world, our chat will include information, advice and solutions that is 100% objective and unbiased. You truly will learn the "inside scoop". As we are no longer a dealer, providing this expert, unbiased information, advice and solutions is my entire focus. And your first 15 minutes is FREE. There is absolutely no purchase of anything required.

These FREE 15 minutes will save you pain, money, time, mistakes, and hassle. If, after our FREE chat, you desire further consultation, 30-minute appointments (and other forms of assistance) are available.

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