Lifetime of automotive background culminates with wheelchair van consulting


Prior to these recent 12 years focused on the wheelchair van industry, my background had been automotive related. Much of what enabled me to proficiently buy, refurbish and offer exceptional vans for sale, was a result of my earlier life of being immersed in various aspects of the automotive industry. I was literally born into it. Here is a brief summary of my background:

* Grade School: In 1953 my dad had a detail shop in Portland. A couple of years later he started a shop repairing heavily damaged vehicles. He was self-taught as he became an expert at all aspects of vehicles. From body repairs, to mechanical and electrical, and everything cosmetic and all things in-between as well…he did it all and was quite expert. When I was born the shop my parents created was only 125 feet from our rural house. By the time I was in grade school I began having serious chores and obligations in that shop.

* Teens: worked in my dad's shop as many as 60 hours per week. Participated in all aspects of his very extensive automotive business. This included such tasks as: mechanic; body and paint; detailing; attending various types of auctions; buying and selling; driving and transporting in several states; etcetera

* Twenties, included several roles and transitions: salesman at a huge Seattle dealership of used and new Ford, Toyota and Nissan vehicles in Seattle; became the youngest person (25) in North America to have a role as a salesperson of new Porsches; sold new Volvos; Had a partner in a wholesale auto dealership; for a couple of years, bought direct from the public, and then refurbished and sold as many as 25 vehicles per month

* Thirties: was a buyer of 1 to 15-year-old damaged vehicles that were sold as repairable, or to be dismantled. My role was for a national-caliber company. Was responsible for evaluating thousands of vehicles per month and buying as many as several hundred of them. This chapter in my life was when I first became familiar with wheelchair vans.

* Early Forties-mid fifties: shifted from the role mentioned above, into being an owner/dealer of highly rejuvenated/refurbished used wheelchair vans.

* 2019/2020: it took a few months to transition from being a dealer to offering consulting services. Now, here I am, offering you my unbiased expertise regarding all aspects of wheelchair vans.

Summary When I became a dealer of used wheelchair vans, those nearly 30 years of experience as employee, manager and owner in various diverse aspects of the auto industry, provided a super foundation. During 12 years of having the wheelchair van dealership, my role was extremely unique and diverse, as compared to virtually every other person in this very unique niche industry. This is because I deliberately had no person functioning as a finder/buyer, nor did I ever have a salesperson.

My past roles enabled me to wear all of the major "hats" needed, and some of the minor ones as well. One hundred percent of the vans I handled in 12 years were searched for, researched, evaluated, bought, marketed, and none other than, me. No employee did any of those major roles. Plus, for the first several years I managed (and/or performed the tasks myself) 100% of the extensive rejuvenation of each van, which provided intimate insight into the VERY unique nature of wheelchair vans. I also did much of the retrieving and delivering of vans that we bought and sold, throughout a big portion of the United States.

As a result of the facts mentioned in this paragraph, each of the services offered below are my areas of expertise. There may be no other person with the unique combination of lifetime experience that I have, as to the entire spectrum of wheelchair van services mentioned below.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to assisting you and your family to achieve your wheelchair van goals.



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