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Wheelchair Van Consulting

General advice & assistance:
When I began this business in 2007 I had no idea that I would know what I now know is true: this industry of used wheelchair vans includes much misinformation, confusion, frustration, and lack of information resources. Some of this is because this industry is still somewhat young. Wheelchair vans/mobility access vans/handicap vans as we know them to be, essentially did not exist until about 30 years ago. The relative youth of the industry, combined with the fact that two companies and their subsidiaries invented and control most of the industry, often leads to less-than-ideal experiences for consumers. Average folks and their families who need to buy or sell a used van, have a heck of a time learning what they need to know in order to make a good buying, or selling, decision. Plus there are many topics that can confound a person once they own a wheelchair van, such as: how to find an honest, reliable repair shop? How to get proper vehicle insurance? What to do after an accident or damage? Etcetera. I am here to help.

Very uniquely equipped to assist buyers and sellers:
I suppose you can imagine that because I have deliberately never had anyone acquiring vans for me (I have personally found, researched and acquired each one myself) there is countless lessons, understandings and discoveries I have had, in the process of talking with, and interacting with, thousands of wheelchair van sellers. And I have chosen over the years to not have a salesperson, rather, thousands of people shopping for vans have talked with me directly about their goals, needs, frustrations, etcetera.

Professional Communication
Folks who serve the industry in various capacities, such as insurance agents, lenders, repair shops and other businesses-concerns, discover that valuable, helpful, unbiased, honest information can be seemingly impossible to find. This is because this niche is so unique and narrow, there is extremely limited information available anywhere regarding the wheelchair van topic. And among what information there is, much of it is either greatly biased, due to the motivations of the author to sell or promote their brand or product.

All of the experiences and knowledge referenced above, during my years as a niche business owner exclusively in this industry, has brought me a special level of understanding. I have learned that there is a great need in the world for someone who is available to disseminate the information I have in an honest, sincere, unbiased manner. This lead me to make a decision in 2018 that myself, as founder and operator of Wheelchair Van Oasis, would begin offering consulting services of various types, to individuals and businesses.

*** Guaranteed information: Learn anything and everything you want or need to know about used wheelchair vans: There are some specific services offered that have fees that are not based on an hourly rate. Otherwise, at an hourly rate, my general knowledge and expertise is available to anyone who I can be of benefit too. My rate for phone or in-person consultation, on an appointment basis, is $80 per hour, with a 1/4 hour minimum. For folks who prefer or need email or text services, this same rate applies. We accept all major credit cards. Please click here to send an email mentioning the nature of your questions and to request an appointment

*** Guarantee: each of my consulting services has a 100% money-back guarantee. This is simple, with no fine print, no exclusions, no nonsense. If for any reason, at any time, you don't feel that you received fair value for the information, advice or service you paid me for, simply request a refund and your money will be refunded promptly to your credit or debit card.