Flip & Fold Seating

A convenient and affordable way to accommodate extra passengers

If you like one of my vans but say to yourself “if only it had seating for at least a couple more people”…you are certainly not the only one who has thought this about wheelchair vans. And the great news is; there is a simple, practical solution.

Several times each week someone mentions this subject to me. And after describing the solution for a lack of seating countless times, I decided to add this page to the website. You see, this question usually occurs when a person is considering a van with a lift in the rear. And to a much lesser degree the vans with side lifts.

It is very common that a van with a rear lift has had all of the seating except the two front seats removed. And although this creates wonderful access and freedom to move for the wheelchair and allows for anchoring the chair anywhere, it negates the opportunity to carry more than three people; one in a wheelchair and two in the front seats. The solution is what is generically referred to as ‘flip and fold’ seating.

In the photos on this page you see several examples of this style of seats. There are various brands, upholstery, specific shapes and sizes available. These photos indicate the general nature of what they look like and how they function.

Some such seats accommodate one person and others are built for two. They are modular, meaning they can be bolted to the floor in a wide variety of locations. And they are space-saving, intruding only 8-10 inches into the floor area when flipped up and not in use. And they have integrated seatbelts, making them safe and legal. When you need the seat it takes only a few seconds to deploy and when you no longer need it simply push a release lever and flip it up, out of the way.

I love ‘Flip & Fold’ seats. Yes, these are your solution when you want to add seating capacity to a van you like. You see; the previous owners’ lack of need for extra seating does not stop a van from being a wonderful fit for you and your family.

I hope this information has been helpful. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about Flip & Fold seating or anything else.

Thank you for visiting…