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Thank you for visiting, and for the opportunity to share with you some of the various reasons why my vans are very special, even when searching nationally.

Folks from major cities such as Salt Lake, Boise, and Los Angeles, to San Francisco and Dallas, and even on the east coast such as Maine and New York... as well as from locations throughout the greater northwest, have purchased their vans from me. I've heard people say that the reason they did is because wheelchair vans in this price range, with these miles, features and overall quality are not available anywhere else.

In-depth "GOLD STANDARD" Rejuvenation...

We begin with relatively low and very low mile wheelchair vans and each undergoes a substantial cosmetic and functional, interior and exterior improvement process. Many different professional specialists as well as our in-house specialists tend to each van. The result is vans, which we refer to as "GOLD STANDARD" and each includes a valuable warranty. In order to offer you a van that is cosmetically and mechanically in top condition, I invest an average of thousands of dollars (at wholesale prices) per van, plus much time and effort. The result is a van, which meets and often exceeds the solid quality level of good or satisfactory regarding the elements on a quite comprehensive list. (as seen below)

Mechanical: you're assured that everything from non-critical features such as interior lights, stereo, A/C and power seats to the wear and care items such as brakes, motor, transmission and fluids have been checked and if suggested, they've been serviced or repaired. 

Appearance and feel: You're assured the body and interior is looking sharp and even smells nice...without dents, structurally harmful rust, scrapes or significant paint problems. And the interior is free of notable negatives such as tears, cracks, badly worn carpet or major stains. For your added peace of mind and confidence, each Gold Standard van includes a valuable warranty at no extra cost.

'GOLD STANDARD' is a great and rare thing when it comes to wheelchair vans...

The term "GOLD STANDARD" is used to describe the premium level of condition my vans exhibit. As for wheelchair vans in this level of condition, they don't exist anywhere else, not in our price range, not even when searching nationally. The benefits of this "GOLD STANDARD" level to the consumer are notable and include: added peace of mind; assurance that each van has had extensive care, repairs and service; drive train warranty is included; and much more.

You may appreciate the following quote, resulting from a national survey: "Just about everybody seeks a sense of security when buying a used car. That's the point of the inspection and warranty coverage related to certain vehicles". Overall, 55 percent of surveyed shoppers cited peace of mind as a top priority. From a popular consumer magazine is this quote: "The key to certain pre-owned vehicles is that, unlike other used cars, they have been inspected, repaired and given a warranty". From a widely trusted value-guide publication is this comment: "Certain pre-owned vehicles are top quality, inspected used vehicles backed by warranties".

Raising the bar...

At the core of my "GOLD STANDARD" program, I do as this statement from Wikipedia suggests: " Independents (used auto dealers) may employ a neutral third-party inspector to ensure objectivity". Yes, my vehicles have been serviced, repaired, maintained and ultimately considered worthy by a neutral third-party. This is a professional repair shop in my area. These are professionals working not only for me, but also for other retail and wholesale customers as well. As a result, they provide fair and accurate inspection, service and repairs. Their efforts, combined with many other specialists' results in a high, much desired level of overall condition and quality once a van is ready for sale. I am confident that when you see, feel and drive one of my vans, the superior condition is quite apparent, as compared to other wheelchair vans of similar age, miles and features.

About the list of 'GOLD STANDARD' condition items...

Each element included in the inspection is listed below. I can assure you that on each van I offer, condition at sale time of each mechanical and cosmetic item on the list is deserving of synonymous words, at minimum, such as good or satisfactory. In addition, you will find on each vehicle details page an area labeled "NEW OR RECENTLY SERVICED ITEMS". In that area you can learn about certain functional and cosmetic items, which via visual and/or measurable evaluation rise to or above the level of good or satisfactory. These are items that were either new while in my possession, or recently, when being cared for by a previous owner.

NOTE: the following list encompasses features found among a wide variety of vehicles, with various specific features and configuration. As such, not all items are applicable to each vehicle. Via our "GOLD STANDARD" process, you are assured that each item on this list which is relevant to the vehicle you are interested in meets (or exceeds) the level of good or satisfactory.


(1) General vehicle functions:

Many elements and features of each van are inspected and cared for as needed, such as: ABS/check engine/service soon) ~ Instruments/gauges (Such as: speedometer/temp/tach/oil pressure) ~ Power windows ~ Power mirrors ~ Power door locks ~ Power rear vent glass ~ Front wipers/washers/blades ~ Rear wiper/washer/blade ~ Front heat and A/C system ~ Rear heat and A/C system ~ Audio system ~ Rear audio and/or video equipment (excluding custom systems in full size touring/cruising style vans) ~ Interior lights (original and/or custom) ~ Horn ~ Seat belts (original equipment) ~ Windshield ~ Other glass ~ Parking brake (original equipment) ~ Cruise control ~ Tilt/telescope steering wheel ~ General engine performance ~ General transmission performance ~ Battery condition (cold cranking amps) ~ Battery terminals and cables ~ Hood and/or rear hatch supports ~ Cabin air filter ~ Engine air filter ~ Engine drive belts ~ Coolant hoses ~ Engine oil (note: each vehicle includes fresh lube/oil/filter) ~ Brake fluid ~ Power steering fluid ~ Clutch fluid ~ Transmission fluid ~ Cooling system ~ Antifreeze protection ~ Spare tire/jack/tools ~ Exterior lights (headlights/taillights/turn signals/etc) ~ Front brakes ~ Rear brakes ~ Front tires ~ Rear tires ~ Alignment/steering wheel straight ~ Steering linkage ~ Front suspension components ~ Rear suspension components ~ Wheel bearings front ~ Wheel bearings rear ~ Front shocks/struts ~ Rear shocks/struts ~ Drive shaft and U-joints ~ CV shafts & boots ~ Exhaust system ~ Rear differential fluid ~ Front differential fluid ~ Transfer case fluid ~ general frame and undercarriage condition is sound and safe

'(2) Adaptive/mobility aspects of the van are also included (as equipped) in the 'GOLD STANDARD' program:

Wireless remote operation (some vans have remote operation of items such as: lift/ramp/doors/etc.) ~ Kneeling suspension system ~ Power side door/s ~ Electronic wheelchair docking system ~ Switches for operation of ramps/lifts/doors/etc ~ Power transfer seat-base ~ Floor anchor points for wheelchair anchor straps are suitably operational ~ Hand controls (general function has been checked, however, each user needs to consider their exact needs accordingly) ~ Wheelchair lift: stowed position ~ Wheelchair lift: Floor level when exiting/unloading ~ Wheelchair lift: ground level ~ Wheelchair lift: floor level when entering/loading ~ Wheelchair ramp: concludes at suitable stowed position ~ Wheelchair ramp: extends to suitable ground position ~ low effort assisted power steering ~ low effort assisted power brakes ~ Electronically operated parking brake

'(3) The following cosmetic qualities are also assured via the "GOLD STANDARD" program:

Body is free of scrapes, dents or other notable cosmetic detractors ~ Each van is inspected and cared for as-needed regarding body or structural rust or perforation which harms safety or reliability or notably detracts from appearance ~ Body panels, doors, bumpers, trim pieces, etc. have satisfactory fit, function and alignment, within the context of a modified wheelchair van ~ Items such as wheels, bumpers, roof racks and various accessories are generally attractive and not showing neglect or notable cosmetic deterioration ~ Interior, including aspects such as seats, carpets, headliner, door panels, consoles, dash, fixtures, etc. is free of major tears, rips, cracks, stains or broken parts ~ Interior is free of notable odors such as from animals or cigarette smoke

* Exception regarding accessory audio/video features in the rear:

Over the years we've discovered that for various reasons, accessory audio/video systems (IE: picture tube TV; VCR; cassette players; etc) in wheelchair vans of the vintage we specialize in are typically obsolete or irrelevant and are often cost-prohibitive to repair or replace, while keeping the vans at a nice price. Therefore, such items are excluded from our program list. This includes such systems as TV's, VCR's, separate rear audio devices, etc. Usually, all or part of such systems is operational, but that is not promised. The wiring, speakers and connections, fixtures, etcetera are generally in good order, which is very helpful if a person were to want to update the system to modern features, such as a flat screen TV, DVD, etc. We do include in our program the factory or aftermarket stereo systems that are in the dash area (which often includes front and rear speakers) but not added systems in the middle or rear of the van.

Doing unto others...

I sincerely thank you for your interest in my vans and would love to discover one of them to be the answer to your search process...the solution to your family's need. These vans are a result of my committed focus each day on this very specific niche, of offering vans with: nice or fantastic miles, extensive mobility/adaptive features, and superb overall condition... at prices usually in the teens. I believe these wheelchair vans represent the best overall value available anywhere in the United States, for vans of the price range I offer. I believe and intend that if you consider all factors, you will find your best wheelchair van value here at wheelchair Van Oasis.

Thank you very much for reading. I welcome your mail or calls anytime, with questions or comments of any kind.

I look forward to meeting you,

Rick Bohr

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