Brand New Vans with Brand New wheelchair conversions


Thank you for visiting my page about new wheelchair vans. I sincerely appreciate your interest.

For more than 8 years my niche has been to purchase, highly rejuvenate (via many specialty shops) and then sell, 'Certified' used wheelchair vans. These have been sold throughout the west, and sometimes beyond. I have been grateful for the very positive response there has been over the years to my 'Certified' used vans.

This business has now reached a level of having the opportunity to offer brand new wheelchair vans. These are not the usual wheelchair vans with prices of fifty, sixty, or even seventy thousand dollars. No, that is not what I am offering. You see, during my years in this industry I have been dedicated to offering the nations best overall value (super condition; nice miles; great features; fair prices) on a certain price range of used wheelchair vans. Now, I am additionally dedicated to offering the nations best overall value on brand new wheelchair vans.

It is from the spirit of this dedication that I am now very excited to offer brand new, very nicely equipped wheelchair vans, with a fantastic mobility conversion, for the very low price of only $31,900.

These vans absolutely represent America's best value on a new wheelchair van. They have the same conversion as you see in these photos (rear seat shown is $1260 option), which are of a brand new conversion, on a used van. These vans have a very uniquely engineered and fabricated manually operated ramp that has each of these helpful qualities: hidden assist-mechanism cause this ramp to feel like it weighs less than 10 pounds when raising or lowering; super-duty 1,000 pound capacity; commercial-grade latches are sturdy and yet very easy to operate. In addition to the special ramp features, this entire conversion is engineered and built to very high standards. In fact, these vans achieve the best-combined score of any wheelchair van ever tested in side, front and rear impact tests.

At the price publicized you receive the nicely equipped, mid-level trim named an SE

Rear hatch remains 100% original, unmodified

What you see here is a great example of the very sturdy, safe, highly engineered features of these vans. There is one solid, thick piece of steel that creates ends-caps for bumper as well as a very major resistance to forward motion/collapse if there is ever a rear impact. This is a very important and valuable design and construction item.

These 2 bar items shown are very unique (it seems no other manufacturer has these available) accessories, which allow for easy loading, securing and unloading of a cot or stretcher.

Heavy duty and easy to use

The level portion of the floor is long enough to park most very large wheelchairs or scooters on

This photo is showing the substantial support which this company uses for each middle area seats. No other manufacturer has such supports, which cause the seats to be more solidly mounted and safer. Similar supports are included with the optional folding rear seat as well

There is a choice of seats: these, which are a bit, narrow and allow maximum space between them for a person in wheelchair. You can also choose to get wider seats that have cloth material on them and they recline, which these seats do not.

Simple, easy to use controls. All original, nor modified.

Very gentle ramp angle creates easy loading and unloading

Notice the "gusseting" and reinforcing of the steel floor. This benefit is unique to this brand of conversion. Very high quality engineering and construction.

The side barriers are more than 2 inches tall and help avoid driving chair off of the edge of ramp

This van in photos has the extra long channel, which creates more capacity for long wheelchair or scooters, and for most folks 2 wheelchairs or scooters can fit in this van.

Rear ventilation controls are mounted in ceiling in middle of van

Rear air ducts

These are suspension spacers that result in greater interior headroom and entry clearance, while maintaining comfortable and safe ride and handling

Custom tank is required for the extra long channel option

This is a custom steel guard that protects the fuel tank after the van has been modified

Notice custom stainless steel guard that protects relocated tank (necessary due to the lowered floor) from the exhaust

Two thick custom steel plates reinforce the floor to compensate for its alterations. Other conversion companies do not do this, or at least not to this strength level

This is the custom designed shock system mounted to underside of ramp (hidden from view, only seen when under the van) that prevents ramp from slamming to ground when going down and assists when going up. Only 8 pounds of effort is needed to raise the ramp.

Notice the heavy-duty, round, barrel-shaped piece of steel that has creates more space between shock and floor, which is needed for the deeply lowered floor.

More heavy duty, super engineered custom suspension pieces, which are needed to achieve deeply lowered floor and be super safe and ride and handle nicely.

In stowed position this very heavy-duty ramp actually becomes part of the top-score safety system, in the event of rear collision

Ramp has very gentle slope and is Rated at substantial 1,000 pound capacity

Latches are very heavy duty, secure, simple to use, and the tension can easily be adjusted

The forward portion of the floor is long and wide, plus is level, for a super wheelchair parking area. Notice there are floor anchor points in rear, mid and front for securing wheelchair

This is an optional 2-person seat and utilizes the factory 3-point seatbelt systems mounted along the rear side walls

very ample space between the seats to park wheelchair with medium sixe person in it .

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to call, mail or text with any questions. I will personally respond to your inquiry.


Rick Bohr

Wheelchair Van Oasis