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2002 Pontiac Montana with extensive power operated mobility conversion
MILES 84,000 (total, actual miles)
Price: $12,900 (will be In "Certified" condition, with 6 month/6,000 mile warranty)

Note: In this era, this is the mobility conversion brand that the majority of government agencies utilized in their special-needs fleets during this era. The name of the conversion company is Eldorado

Note: This is the fancier cousin to the other GM vans of this era, which were Chevy Venture and Old's Silhouette

This will be sold in "Certified" condition, with warranty. This is currently receiving our usual, very extensive functional and cosmetic high level of rejuvenation.

General Description
This began as a well-equipped model, with 3.4-liter 6 cylinder and auto with overdrive. Features include common power and convenience features, plus many options, such as: dual AC; power driver's seat; rear power vents; alloy wheels; upgraded interior and exterior trim; etc.

* Deeply lowered floor, which begins directly in front of the rear seat and goes all the way to below the dash area

* Easily removable drivers seat

* Power ramp

* Power sliding side door

* "Kneeling" suspension causes the rear of the van to lower a couple of inches when operating the ramp. This causes the ramp angle to be gentler, for ease of loading and unloading wheelchair

* Many very flexible/versatile locations mounted in the floor to insert anchor straps for wheelchair

* Includes 4 anchor straps

* Front passenger area is vacant, with plenty of space to park even a large wheelchair

$12,900 (will be In "Certified" condition, with 6 month/6,000 mile warranty)

Preliminary Photos

IMPORTANT INFO: these are "preliminary" photos, which show the van prior to Rejuvenation. Flaws will be cared for During our rejuvenation process

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Notice there are carpeted footrests in front of the rear seat. They fold up, when you want or need more floor area to maneuver wheelchair.

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

The Pontiac Montana was the fanciest model among the minivan cousins in the GM family.

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Deeply lowered floor and "kneeling" suspension, results in very gentle ramp angle. No problem with this angle, if someone needs to use a manual wheelchair

Ramp is wide enough for nearly all wheelchairs
If you are seeking a very well-equipped mobility minivan that looks, feels and functions at a nice level, with low miles, at a relatively affordable price...this is a hard to find example of what you're looking for.


NOTE: I am always searching for more vans which are a nice addition to the mix of vans we have to offer. I will post initial information here about each van as I purchase, transform, and then make them available for sale. From the time I purchase a van until my transformation process is completed, averages approximately 4-6 weeks.

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