2003 Ford fancy van with extensive mobility conversion by NorCal: Premier maker of lowered floor wheelchair vans
MILES 44,000 (it's a one-owner)
Price: $21,900

General Description
Began as a standard length one ton (very rare for a wheelchair van) with the heavy-duty 5.4 small bock motor and a nice list of convenience and appearance features such as: Power windows, locks and mirrors; tilt wheel and cruise control; front and rear ventilation with many vents in the ceiling; Ford alloy wheels; power drivers seat; fancy chrome bumpers and other interior and exterior trim; etc.

Additional custom features
Which are not part of the mobility conversion are: running boards/side steps; very nicely created custom graphics are black and pearl white with silver edge detailing...very attractive and custom; tinted windows

Mobility and Adaptive Features
The company that created this mobility van, is Nor-Cal. In my opinion they are the best maker of lowered floor full size vans (which are always Fords, as Chevy and Dodge cannot have lowered floors). They began with a well-equipped model of van from Ford and then heavily modified it. This van is a superb combination of a fancy package of features from Ford, along with having in the ballpark of the most extensive mobility conversion available. The package of features this van has is in the most capable range of abilities because it enables certain people in wheelchairs to load, drive and unload themselves with no assistance from another person. This is the highest demand put on wheelchair vans. It was designed to do this and it is how its only owner used it. This list of features includes premium, very desirable and for some folks, necessary, mobility features such as:

* Power side doors: swing open and closed via various switches or wireless remote control

* Power Ricon-brand lift: operates with various switches or wireless remote control

* Wireless remote control for the lift and doors

* Various switch locations for lift and doors

* Premium power turning seat in drivers location: (this feature has a new cost of apx $5,000) There is a long range of travel front to rear, up and down and as you see in the photos, it turns 90 degrees. This combination of features is what some folks need in order to transfer to and from their wheelchair and then drive

* Deeply lowered floor: is not only in the middle of the van (as some are) but it extends into the driver and passenger area in front as well. This floor creates sufficient entry clearance and headroom for most folks in wheelchairs.

* Hand controls: (easy to remove if not needed)

* Easily removable front passenger seat: drivers seat could be removed in apx one hour of labor, if desired.

* NEW FLOOR IS A SUPER ENHANCEMENT: a puzzle during the years I have specialized in rejuvenating and improving wheelchair vans, is that I wonder why more wheelchair van creators and owners don't have such a flooring material as is now being added to this van. (Nearly all full size wheelchair vans have carpet). In the area that the chair/s will be moving, a specialist will remove the carpet and install a high-grade rubber-like flooring material that is designed for being used in wheelchair vans. Once you have maneuvered your wheelchair on a floor like this, you would never want anything less. Plus, it is super easy to clean with a broom or a damp cloth.


Preliminary Photos

Please consider these are "preliminary" photos and as such, they typically show the van in early stages of our transformation process. As a result you may see various flaws, which will be remedied prior to sale.

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Very sharp, bright white with very custom painted stripes. There is a black stripe which is obvious, and there is a subtle, pearl white stripe of same width above the black...this striping is very artfully painted and very attractive.

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Leather front seats. This passenger seat can be removed in a couple of minutes. Drivers seat system could be removed in apx. One hour, as it has the turning mechanism under it.

Doors swing out with power via switches or remote

Pretty large lift platform is smooth and solid
(this lift is nearly all aluminum)

This is one of the smoothest and most reliable lifts

Rear seat power reclines and lays flat. There is an extension behind it that when utilized, creates a nice size of bed. Notice the many vents and lights in ceiling

Deeply lowered floor creates generous entry clearance and interior headroom

Valuable power turning seat and other features enable some folks to load, drive and unload with no assistance

Controls for lift, doors and electric emergency brake

Simple, easy to use remote for doors and lift

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Gorgeous package of features and crisp white paint

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Ford power seat in addition to the turning device that has extreme travel front to rear, up and down, plus turning.
This is a VERY RARE and nearly impossible-to-find one-ton (E-350) with standard length body (not the long beast) and a small-block motor (not the gas guzzler). This unique combination is something some folks seek and discover it is nearly impossible to find. Plus, its long list of mobility features make it uncommon as well. Considering miles, special features, one owner history and all factors...this is a very special van that will very likely be Reserved soon.


Rejuvenation has begun: I have recently acquired this van and the extensive rejuvenation process has begun, which is carried-out by various professional shops and specialists. If you are interested in securing this van for your future purchase (many of my vans are spoken for in this way prior to completion of rejuvenation) please feel free to call or mail me with any questions


NOTE: I am always searching for more vans which are a nice addition to the mix of vans we have to offer. I will post initial information here about each van as I purchase, transform, and then make them available for sale. From the time I purchase a van until my transformation process is completed, averages approximately 4-6 weeks.

Please visit this page periodically.

Thank you,


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Dear Rick... I want to take this time to let you know how excited I am about the 95 Ford camping van that I bought from you. I just love it!! I truly appreciated your kindness, patience and understanding throughout the whole process. I also appreciate the quality of the van. You were nothing like those typical car salesman. You were friendly, cheerful and not pushy....and still gave me a great deal!!! I will certainly send folks your way.

Thanks again!
Dawn Linwood