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2006 Ford with top-quality deeply lowered floor mobility conversion by NorCal (premium build quality, style, design, engineering and materials)
MILES 38,000 (By One Owner)
Price: 25,900

MAJOR FACTS about lowered floor, full size wheelchair vans
Dodge, GMC and Chevy full size vans were never capable of having lowered floors. Yes, Ford is the only brand which had a structure that enabled having lowered floor. And since 2015, even the new style of Ford full size vans cannot have a lowered floor. Therefore, if you want or need the many benefits (see BENEFITS further below) of a lowered floor wheelchair van, versus one with a tall roof, 2014 is the final year available to choose from. With 38,000 miles this is surely one of the lowest mile lowered floor Fords remaining. And it has the deepest floor that was ever possible, which is awesome and quite rare.

General Description: Began as a half ton with the rare "Chateau" package of features. These functional and cosmetic features are on less than 1% of all Fords. Features on this van include: desirable 5.4 liter engine; auto with overdrive; power features such as windows, locks and mirrors; tilt wheel and cruise control; power seat with extra adjustments; upgraded CD sound system; special rear ventilation is only on this model; upgraded interior and exterior trim; alloy wheels; rear seat folds flat to a bed; factory two-tone paint; and much more

Highlights of This Van
* When our extensive cosmetic and functional rejuvenation process is completed, this van will look, feel and function at a very high level. It is quite amazing how nice this van is

* Very increased entry clearance and interior headroom that suits most users, and yet it looks, feels and functions much the same as an unmodified van

* Amazing history of no pets, no kids, no smoking

Options and Equipment
This began as a Three Quarter ton (E250) standard length (not long or short) body with nice XLT level of features. This has the famously strong, reliable and reasonably economical 5.4-liter Triton motor with 5 speed automatic for respectable MPG. As a result of being and XLT, it began with common power, convenience and cosmetic features such as: power windows, locks and mirrors; tilt and cruise; intermittent wipers; chrome bumpers and deluxe headlights; misc interior and exterior trim features; upgraded interior cloth and carpet; and much more. In addition to the generous XLT level of features as summarized above, this van has: fancy factory Ford alloy wheels, power driver's seat with lumbar adjustment; CD stereo; dark tinted windows; vented windows on both side barn doors; etc.

Special features of this premium NorCal mobility conversion
These following miscellaneous items are in addition to the top-level mobility conversion: Rear spare tire carrier rack and cover (temporarily removed when these preliminary photos were taken); custom striping package; 3 large custom side windows with vents and shades; much real wood interior trim and features; custom interior lighting; rear seat folds flat; plus more

Conversion Note:
A decades-old company in Northern California called NorCal converted this van when it was brand new. This company is widely known throughout the United States (man from Georgia ordered this one) as being a top-level convertor, in every way. You might consider that this van essentially received two conversions, one being cosmetic and the other, most importantly, being its very extensive, hard-to-find and valuable package of mobility features.

During the 14 years that I have been a dealer of used wheelchair vans, there have been many NorCal vans in my inventory and I have seen and experienced many more. I will say that in my opinion this conversion rivals those done by world-leader Braun and surpasses a wonderful east coast company named Rollx. You see, in this industry I see conversions from all sorts of companies, big and small. When it comes to full size mobility vans, various small, low volume, independent companies that are local to the buyer convert most of them, 80-90 percent. Those conversions are usually suitably good enough quality, although there is a big variance from one independent convertor to another. However, vans such as this, which have been converted by a volume company that has invested greatly into design, engineering, systems and procedures and materials, produces a mobility van of noticeably higher quality than the small, local, independent shops. This surely does not mean that those other vans that are not built by the large companies are bad vans, not at all, however...a van like this one stands above those independently converted vans. Plus, when this van was created, Nor-Cal is the only company that had a 10-inch lowered floor available! Here is a summary of the mobility features of this van:

Deeply lowered floor BENEFITS
This lowered floor goes all the way from in front of the rear seat, forward to below the dash area. Because of this extra-special floor, this van is called a NorCal MAX. MAX refers to the fact that the standard lowered floor is lowered 4 or 6 inches, occasionally 8...whereas this one is lowered a whopping 10 inches! This very deeply lowered floor creates a super amount of entry clearance and interior headroom, without the need for a tall roof. In this case, you essentially get the best of both worlds. Because, you have only a few inches less interior headroom than a van with an added tall roof and approximately the same entry clearance as a tall roof van that has what are called tall doors. However, this van usually can go places that the tall roof vans can't, such as: drive-thru restaurants; parking garages; carports; carwashes; etc. For some folks, these are MAJOR benefits (or necessities) of not having a tall roof. Additional benefits of no tall roof are: better handling; more MPG; less wind buffeting; quieter; sturdier; less weight.

Highly beneficial power turning seat mechanism
this is a MUST for many folks who want/need to load, drive and unload, with no assistance from any person. This special mechanism has a great range of travel in 3 ways, up and down and fore and aft and most importantly, it turns apx 90 degrees, enabling some wheelchair-bound folks to transfer to and from their wheelchair. Notably, these mechanisms have a total new cost, for materials and labor, of apx $5,000!

Power swinging side doors
these doors open with power arms, which are an important part of the complete package that allows some folks in wheelchairs the ability to load/unload and drive themselves fully independent of any assistance from another person.

Braun Millennium heavy-duty lift
this heavy duty lift (750 pound rating) with long and wide platform, which will accommodate nearly every wheelchair available (and many scooters), is the most popular brand and model of lift in the world. Most notably, this includes the fact that this is the brand and model of lift that is in most commercial/institutional wheelchair vans. However, this "retail use" version, includes several optional features, such as: twin lights which automatically illuminate the platform; additional access-flap on the side of the platform that makes loading and unloading easier.

EZ-Lock electronic wheelchair anchoring system
if you want or need to anchor your wheelchair in the apx center of the floor, this is nicely positioned. This device is designed to be located in whatever specific location the user needs it to be in, to suit that person's specific location needs. Its current location will suit many user's needs. Note: if you don't want or need this device, we will remove it and repair the remaining 4 small mounting holes, at no extra cost.

Hand controls
currently has hand controls. If you don't want or need them, we will remove them at no extra cost.

Wireless remote operation
there is no need to use switches (although they are provided in several locations as well) as you can operate the side doors and lift with a wireless remote control

Note: if you want or need to use traditional anchor points and anchor straps to secure your wheelchair, rather than the EZ-Lock device, we will provide you with 4 anchor point kits and 4 anchor straps, at an additional cost of $500.

History of Ownership
Wow, this van has had the same Georgia owner since new! A wealthy man, who owned apx. 20 businesses, spared no expense when he custom ordered this from Northern California, nearly 2,000 miles from his home town.


Preliminary Photos

IMPORTANT INFO: these are "preliminary" photos, which show the van prior to Rejuvenation. Flaws will be cared for During our rejuvenation process

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

This one-owner beauty with amazingly low miles is one of the most exceptional vans I have had the pleasure of offering. As you read above, there is a long list of reasons why this is an absolutely special and fantastic van. And, as it is no longer possible to buy a new, lowered floor full size van, this van is one of best remaining examples of this fading breed of sweet beasts!


Rejuvenation has begun: I have recently acquired this van and the extensive rejuvenation process has begun, which is carried-out by various professional shops and specialists. If you are interested in securing this van for your future purchase (many of my vans are spoken for in this way prior to completion of rejuvenation) please feel free to call or mail me with any questions


NOTE: I am always searching for more vans which are a nice addition to the mix of vans we have to offer. I will post initial information here about each van as I purchase, transform, and then make them available for sale. From the time I purchase a van until my transformation process is completed, averages approximately 4-6 weeks.

Please visit this page periodically.

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