Van For Sale

(at our seasonal location in Tucson, Arizona)

First, please understand that Wheelchair Van Oasis is no longer a dealer of wheelchair vans, as of the end of 2019. As is mentioned elsewhere on this website, my wife and I decided to focus our efforts on other forms of being of service to the folks and their families. Many folks need a source for expert and objective information, tips and solutions regarding used wheelchair vans. Until we made this decision, there had never been such a source, not ever. Now, we are here to help you.

An occasional wheelchair van for sale: Although we are no longer a dealer, there will occasionally be a van that we have for sale. Due to the nature of our years in the industry and the many contacts and relationships we have with folks and wheelchair vans, on occasion there will be a van that we are selling. Such a van would be available due to some context related to our consulting business, as we are no longer a dealer. There will be details about the van such as: photos; extensive description about the van; comments about the specific context of how/why we have such van for sale; clear title status; clean Carfax report status; etc.

We currently do not have a van for sale