1998 Ford : fueled by CNG (wow) and has most desirable lift
58,000 total  actual miles

Current Price $10,900 (new cost as-equipped would be well over $100k)

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WOW...Nationwide CNG fuel is as low as 75 cents per gallon !!!                            (Medford, Oregon is $1.40)

Has had easy use and super care, and now has been substantially rejuvenated...is as immaculate and tidy as it appears in the photos...seems half its age, or newer

Most desirable and capable (800 pounds with large platform) and expensive style of lift...new cost for this lift is around $12,000!

Save large sums on fuel and maintenance costs with this CNG van and be very 'green' in the process...good for your company image and your bank account

If you don't know about the HUGE benefits of CNG, please read the report listed to the right, which I found on an information website


Here are highlights of an internet report about CNG:

  CNG vehicles: a long list of benefits

      Advantages of Compressed Natural Gas

CNG produces significantly less pollutants than gasoline

Reduced maintenance costs by as much as 40%

Intervals between tune-ups for natural gas vehicles are extended 30,000 to 50,000 miles.  Intervals between oil changes for natural gas vehicles are dramatically extended--anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 additional miles

Natural gas gives the same mileage as gasoline

Dedicated CNG engines are superior in performance

CNG has an octane rating of 130 and has a slight efficiency advantage

Superior starting and drivability

Less knocking and no vapor locking

Natural gas is much cheaper per equivalent gallon than gasoline (November 2014 as low as 75 cents per gallon!)

As safe or safer than those powered by other fuels

Less vehicle maintenance and longer engine life.

Fewest emissions of any motor fuel.

Little or no emissions during fueling.

To read the full text of the list of advantages, please click here


Options and Equipment

THE VAN:  Began as a long wheelbase one ton (350) with 5.8 liter small block gas motor and auto with overdrive.  Was converted by Ford factory (not an add-on conversion by other company) to operate on CNG  (compressed natural gas) when brand new and thus has only operated on this incredibly clean burning and ultra-low maintenance fuel since new.

THE CONVERSION:  You may find it easiest to learn about this van by reading the captions on the photos, because there is such a long list of features contained in the commercial-quality conversion of this van. 

 Here is a summary of the wonderful, valuable features of this conversion: dash and rear A/C units;  very tall roof with 6 feet 2 inches of headroom;  easy-to-load bus style entry with steps, hand rails and much head clearance;  has modified front door which creates generous clearance at the bus style entry;  highly flexible seating accommodates up to 10 plus driver;  currently configured to carry 1 or 2 large wheelchairs; dark tinted glass;  commercial-grade rubber flooring;  easy to use and very versatile 'flip and fold' seats; heavy duty, large entry step for driver; custom accent striping and paint


*  Flush-mount floor anchor points accommodate 1 or 2 large wheelchairs or scooters

*  Has the most desirable and valuable (apx. $12,000) style of lift called a Braun UVL (under vehicle lift).  This is the commercial version of this lift, which includes the handy and safety-adding collapsible hand rails.  Extremely few commercial-oriented vans have this style of lift (I've never seen one) and as a result the side entry is usually blocked with a lift platform.  Rather, this van has full access to enter from side slider door or front passenger door.

* Includes an array of anchor straps and seatbelts, etc 

 Dimensions, capacity and specifications: Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

One owner since new: was custom-ordered by a small, specialized agency in the bay area.  Their service was related to assisting families with special needs during certain events and experiences. This van has super low miles because it was used only to assist large families with a person in a wheelchair, otherwise, they used smaller vans which were not lift-equipped.


This vehicle is 'CERTIFIED': There are a combined 76 mechanical and cosmetic aspects  included in the Wheelchair Van Oasis "Certification" process.   A foundational step of the rejuvenation process is that each vehicle receives an extensive inspection by an objective, independent  third-party service and repair facility.  Suggested service, repairs and improvements are then performed by various professional specialists.   The  result is your assurance  that each of the 76 aspects  meets  or exceeds the condition level of good, or
satisfactory.  CNG van note: purchaser of this van will receive a document (to be signed, indicating acceptance and acknowledgment) indicating that the CNG-related components of this van are not "Certified" nor do they include a warranty.  All aspects, components, functions and features of this van which are unique to its CNG fuel system and operation are being sold as-is. The remainder of the van is "Certified" and does include warranty, as described on this website and in documents to be provided at time of purchase.  

For details regarding list of 76 cosmetic and mechanical aspects, please click here.

Each van does of course have various elements which exceed the promised level of good, or
satisfactory, which the "Certified" program assures.  Some are brand new improvements performed during rejuvenation.  And others are obvious service or repairs performed recently, prior to my ownership.  As for those, I only list here those positives which are certain, based on my either having a receipt, and/or due to being obvious to the inspecting-mechanic.  I refer to these as  "NEW OR RECENTLY SERVICED ASPECTS".  As for this vehicle:


* charged and serviced dual A/C system

* Wiper blades

BRAND NEW TIRES: the tires on this when I acquired it had about 80% tread, however, I decided to replace them due to their age, in order to be extra safe. Cost for these new, heavy duty tires was nearly $1,000.


* recent brakes on both ends

* various fluids are looking recently fresh

* various fresh suspension and chassis pieces

Approximate retail value/cost of above-listed items: $3,000

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Nothing negative, and shows as a one-owner.  Amazingly it shows as not having had even one accident of any kind.  Notably, California has mandatory requirement of accident reports for even the most minor accidents.  Therefore, we know this van has never even had a minor fender-bender.

You Might Like To Know...

* In addition to the long list of items mentioned in the description above, a feature I like is that it does not have the wide, fiberglass body.  This has several benefits: much narrower than the wide-body shuttles which makes it much easier to maneuver, especially in traffic, tight places, etc.; better mpg due to less weight and less wind resistance; less wind and water leaks; much less likely to develop rattles, weak spots, etc.

* Please be sure to read the list of many benefits of CNG which are listed in the upper right portion of this page.

* If you do some research, you will discover that CNG-fueled vehicles command a generous premium on the used vehicle market.  No matter if passenger vehicles, vans or trucks...CNG vehicles of this configuration are desirable, and very hard to find...especially with low miles.

* Each of my vans has a superb paint sealant as the final step of the extreme detail. If you were to have a professional apply a treatment the cost would be several hundred dollars.

* CNG fuel rates which I am aware of range from around 75 cents in some states to $1.40 in Medford to upper two-dollar range in some parts of California.  Depending on where you put this to use, this van could save you many hundreds of dollars in fuel cost per month, and possibly save you that much or more via reduced maintenance and repair costs.

*There's a whole world of great information available regarding the CNG subject. As I was doing my research I felt that my favorite website can be reached via this link: http://www.cngnow.com/Pages/information.aspx

Summary of this Gem

Yes, this is as immaculate as the photos appear, and is equally top-notch mechanically.  Rare to find an extremely capable van in this price range, which was designed and built for heavy commercial use that was not used as such, but rather, had obviously light use.   And also very rare to find one with super low miles, because most vans configured like this don't end up on the used market until they have lots and lots of miles...and are likely costing the owners too much in maintenance and repairs, so they sell them.  Please look closely at the photos and read the captions as this is one very special van, with CNG fuel operation. 



Quite attractive for a sizeable, very capable rig
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Very tall roof feels huge inside
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Yes, everywhere you look, this van is immaculate and shows virtually no wear
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Huge amount of headroom and entry/exit clearance via the side slider door for the person in wheelchair and attendant
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The lift is pretty inconspicuous, stored under the van until you need it.  And then it is one of the smoothest (moves without jerking or abruptness) most reliable and capable lifts....the favorite of many owners, users and folks in chairs.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
I promise you this is not the average retired agency van.  Aside from having super low miles, the overall condition is absolutely amazing.  And it is in the same top condition functionally as it is cosmetically.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Comfortable, solid drivers seat with thick rubber flooring under foot and throughout
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
58,000 total miles since new (and has been impeccably maintained)
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Uncommon to see these vans with the bus style entry.  This conversion was top-flight quality and design at every turn.  Steps, stainless steel grab handles, interior post, very modified door and roof....its all solid, tight, top quality...
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Big benefit to be able to have zero intrusion from the lift when not needing to use it. Extremely rare to see this sort of vehicle with a UVL (under vehicle lift) .  And with having the bus style entry, attendant can be loading/unloading a person in a chair, while other folks are going in/out via the steps.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Seats 10 belted passengers, plus the driver. 

Notice the big lights, there are three of them which produce a super amount of light throughout
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

With zero impedance from the lift, you are free to load/unload from either the bus style entry and/or the side slider.  
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Once again, notice how immaculate and tidy this van is.  

The silver squares in the floor are covered pockets to attach wheelchair anchor straps. There are others in the floor also, not shown in this photo.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

This is the number one favorite lift among most users and operators.  It has an 800 pound capacity, very large platform, and even has the optional hand rails. With this lift you have essentially the same capacity of weight and dimension as the very common Braun Millennium lift (costs half as much as this UVL when new) but with zero intrusion or obstruction when not in use...AND it takes none of your interior space when stowed.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
smooth transition in and out with the chair, easy and quick
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Cavernous inside, with maximum versatility due to each seat being able to fold out of the way.  Has two dedicated locations for wheelchairs, if needed.  It will seat four plus 2 large chairs and driver, or 6 plus one large chair and driver.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

A good view of the covered anchor pockets

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Very 'cheery' inside due to lots of light, smooth white ceiling and attractive  blue and grey color-scheme
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Simple controls for ventilation, stereo and master power for the lift
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Even though its not a wide body (which makes it so much easier to maneuver) it remains quite cavernous inside, due somewhat to the space efficient quick-folding seats.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Has 6 feet 2 inches of headroom
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Absolutely BRAND NEW heavy duty tires  (nearly $1,000)
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

Rear ventilation ducts; large lights; smooth, clean ceiling; lots of light
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
  This is the 'brain center' of the lift.  This is where the emergency operation controls are and the diagnostic system is contained inside also.
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.