2000 Dodge shuttle van has amazing capacity and versatility
38,000 total miles
Current Price: $16,900


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Highlights of This Van:

  apx. $3,250 of new and very recent mechanical service: details below (extensive investment in cosmetic rejuvenation is in addition to this $3,250)

This is absolutely not a van that has been abused and beaten and is now tired and worn. Rather, this van was used very little and has amazingly low miles. Yes, it is 14 years old and so it was ready for our special treatment.  It has now undergone literally months and very many thousands of dollars of cosmetic and functional rejuvenation, performed by 9 different specialty shops! This has lead to a van that looks, feels and functions as if it were a fraction of its actual age, but at a small fraction of what a similar new van would cost. 

> PLEASE UNDERSTAND: this van has little or nothing in common with typical ones that are discarded by agencies because they are worn out, and/or becasue they have high miles. This is a super low mile van that had little use over the years, plus it has now had a very substantial rejuvenation. It now looks, feels and functions wonderful. 


Options and Equipment

THE VAN: This one owner van began as a one ton long body. Notably, this DOES NOT have dual rear wheels, nor does it have a "wide body".  This allows it to have the same length, width and maneuverability as a single axle crew-cab pickup...but just look at the interior capacity...WOW! And yet, it does not have the gas guzzling "big block" motor. It has the 5.9 liter, formerly known as a 360. It has some creature comforts such as overdrive automatic (decent MPG), cruise control, tilt wheel, comfortable cloth drivers seat with armrest, etc.   

GOODIES:  these are all brand new as part of our transformation process here: custom striping; dark reflective tint on windows, which greatly reduces interior heat in the sun and also blocks all UV light, and it creates a level of privacy too; fancy wheel covers

MOBILITY USE and CONFIGURATION:  When new this was converted by a national leader in special-application van and bus conversions, focused on creating vans for government agencies. Everything on this van was done with a level of materials and design that is top-notch.  It has just about every darn feature you could want if you need a super wheelchair-capable vehicle that has a nearly unlimited range of possibilities for configuring between passenger and wheelchair carrying. This van would be super for purposes such as: large family, in physical size or number; private/small school; adult foster care; church; tour company; bariatric patients; wine country tour vehicle; etc.  Here is a list of its major features: 

* super tall roof creates apx 6 1/2 feet of interior headroom! Plus, its very boxy which makes the interior feel quite spacious 

* vertical windows in the roof are vented with screens

* very costly "bus style" entry in the front passenger area. This entry conversion alone costs about $7,500 dollars.  It replaces the front seat and allows for passengers to comfortably walk up into the van, similar to if they were entering a public bus, greyhound bus, etc.

* heavy duty wheelchair lift in the passenger side area. This lift has the largest platform I have ever encountered and is so wide and long it can carry a giant wheelchair and most 2 or 3 wheel scooters too. Due to the bus style front entry, folks can freely enter and leave the van, even when the lift is being operated.

* seating for a large number of folks and wheelchairs.  Depending on how its utilized, this very flexible and versatile "flip and fold" seating and the wheelchair parking area, can accommodate up to 10, plus the driver.  And with chosen seats folded up, it can simultaneously carry as many as several wheelchairs along with a few people.

* there are four locations across the width of the floor, ranging from front to rear, which provide anchor point locations for wheelchair securing straps to be inserted. This lends to maximum versatility

* commercial-grade rear air conditioning system built by the premium A/C maker, "Carrier". With the heavy-duty dash A/C and this big rear A/C unit, plus the dark and reflective windows...there is no problem keeping this big van comfortable, in even the hottest weather.

* includes a unit in the ceiling in the middle of van that is used as an emergency escape hatch, and also serves as a large pop-up vent

* several two-light fixtures in the ceiling provide substantial, adjustable lighting throughout the interior  

 Dimensions, capacity and specifications:

Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

One owner since new. This was custom built for a state institution that carried people to and from various other facilities. Obviously, as evidenced by the amazingly low miles, it was not used very much over the years.


This vehicle is 'CERTIFIED': There are a combined 76 mechanical and cosmetic aspects  included in the Wheelchair Van Oasis "Certification" process.   A foundational step of the rejuvenation process is when each vehicle receives an extensive inspection by an objective, independent  third- party service and repair facility.  Suggested service, repairs and improvements are then performed by various professional specialists.   The  result is your assurance  that each of the 76 aspects  meets  or exceeds the condition level of good, or satisfactory

For details regarding list of 76 cosmetic and mechanical aspects, please click here.

Each van does of course have various elements which exceed the promised level of good, or
satisfactory, which the "Certified" program assures.  Some are brand new improvements performed during rejuvenation.  And others are obvious service or repairs performed recently, prior to my ownership.  As for those, I only list here those positives which are certain, based on my either having a receipt, and/or due to being obvious to the inspecting-mechanic.  I refer to these as  "NEW OR RECENTLY SERVICED ASPECTS".  As for this vehicle:

New: service and repair rear heater and A/C; bulbs for interior lights; HD battery; serpentine belts; brake lines; air filter; complete HD radiator; coolant flush; front brakes; front tires; front wheel bearings; alignment; trans cooler; lift service; escape hatch lid; coolant hoses;   

Recent: rear brakes; rear tires

Approximate retail value/cost of above-listed items: $3,250

 (extensive investment in cosmetic rejuvenation is in addition to this $3,250)

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Nothing notably negative or unusual: no frame damage...no airbags deployed...no structural damage...no "red marks"...no major accident.

You Might Like To Know...

* Each of my vans has a superb paint sealant as the final step of the extreme detail. If you were to have a professional apply a treatment the cost would be several hundred dollars.

* to have a van built new at this time, with the super capable and super versatile configuration this van has, would cost apx. $100,000

Summary of this Gem

If your organization needs a top-condition, low mile, very special van, with amazing features and capability, but at a price that doesn't kill your budget, this could be the perfect van to nicely suit your need. 

Bus style entry is a wonderful feature, and makes entry and exit easy, secure and comfortable. Plus, the first step is close to the ground, making it easy for folks who are weak or unstable.
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Can seat 10 plus the driver, or whatever combo of people in seats and wheelchairs that you need.

(Note: the indents you see on the seats are temporary, due only to the seatbelts making impressions when the seats are folded)
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Seats up...bring on the cargo...and/or several people in wheelchairs
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This lift is awesome, with extra design elements that make it super reliable, sturdy and easy to use.
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Wow, look at this amazing interior that feels so big and accommodating
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She may appear to be huge and unwieldy...but actually, she's the same length and width as a crew cab pickup. She's actually a very manageable size, but she lives and functions on the inside like she's giant!
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Drivers rear
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Vented windows in the roof add light and adjustable fresh air ventilation (with screens) 
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This darn van is quite amazing. Look at that bus style entry with incredible headroom as folks walk in. Check out the super tall doors and notch in the roof, which creates enough entry clearance for even the tallest people sitting in the tallest wheelchairs 
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Right front
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Comfortable cloth drivers seat with adjustable backrest and arm rest too
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Easy to load and unload even very big people in very big mobility devices
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Platform is the longest and widest I have ever had. Suitable for the biggest wheelchairs and most 3 or 4 wheel scooters.
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Simple, logical, easy to operate
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I have rarely seen vans with very tall roofs like this that have windows like this. A wonderful feature that adds to the flexibility and comfort of this van
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Has a huge range of possible options for utilizing the seating and wheelchair parking locations as your needs dictate
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With all seats folded up, you could actually get a few refrigerators in here, or some livestock!
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This is a commercial-duty A/C unit that along with the HD dash A/c unit will keep this van comfy, even in very hot weather.
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These seats are comfy for one person, or fold them up to get them out of the way, for easy wheelchair movement and parking, as needed
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This lift has had little use over the years and is in fantastic condition, following servicing and rejuvenation  
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Very nice, smooth-finished ceiling (like a boat hull) with lots of adjustable lighting fixtures
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Very wide and tall opening to go in and out with wheelchair or scooter
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There are slots for wheelchair anchoring straps throughout the van, for placement of wheelchairs in just about any specific spot you choose.
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This is a nifty and helpful feature. It is a device that can be either a large roof vent, or an emergency exit hatch
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Sizeable storage area behind rear seats
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Yes, these are the actual, total miles since new.
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Simple gauge package covers important facts
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* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.