Van For Sale

2003 Ford full size (Half Ton)

Very attractive, classic style (notice the very desirable tall doors and roof notch)
Commentary as to why I have this van for sale: I recently retired from being a dealer of "Certified" used wheelchair vans. Now I am a wheelchair van consultant. As a dealer, approximately one year and 7,000 miles ago, we sold this highly refurbished/rejuvenated van. Sadly, this van was used for only a short time by the customer we sold it to. The woman who it was purchased for died from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) after only apx 6 months. Her husband contacted me to ask if I would purchase it. Because it is so exceptional, my wife and I bought it with the intention of using it for an upstart transport business. But we decided not to develop that venture. This is why it is now for sale. We have done miscellaneous steps (detail, mechanic checkup, etcetera) needed to now have it once again in the same very high level of condition in every way, as it was when we recently sold it in "Certified" condition.

Title: I have clear and clean title, with my personal name listed as the owner. The buyer of this van will receive title directly from me personally.

2003 Ford full size (Half Ton) with fancy touring/cruising conversion plus extensive mobility conversion

Miles: 42,000 actual, total miles! (Carfax clearly verifies these are actual miles)

Very Special Condition: Extremely high level of cosmetic and functional condition, after being professionally refurbished to "Certified" level only 7,000 miles ago

General Description:
This van began as a standard length (not long or short) 1/2 Ton with wonderful (not too big, not too small) 4.6-liter V8 and automatic with overdrive. Began with a nice list of power and convenience features such as: power windows, locks, mirrors; tilt wheel and cruise control; chrome bumpers and grill; etc.

Goodies: This was converted when new by a nationally known, solid company named Roll-A-Long that customizes vans and trucks nationwide. This van has a long list of fancy, functional and desirable features such as: moderately tall, contoured roof; large windows with vents and screens; rear seat folds into a bed; much wood trim and cabinet doors; fancy lighting system; running boards; fancy shades; rear ventilation; fancy wheels; upgraded interior and exterior trim features; Etcetera

Mobility features: This has a very helpful, highly functional level of mobility features. Here is the list:

* Great lift built by industry giant Braun, has what is called a tri-power folding platform. This allows able-bodied folks to go in and out, even when lift is stowed, because it creates an opening apx. two feet wide for a person to pass through.

* Tall doors, which extend the usual doors, up into the tall roof area. These are apx 8-10 inches tall and create that much extra height for ease of entry, or for when traveling in the van. Less than 20% of all personal use wheelchair vans have this tall door feature. These are soooo nice to have (a MUST for some folks) as they make going in and out so much easier and more comfortable for the person in the wheelchair, as well as everyone else.

* Special floor project: this has what is one of my favorite improvements on wheelchair vans, which is very helpful to the person in the wheelchair and able-bodied folks as well. I consider this feature to be an improvement that most wheelchair vans ought to have, old or new. You see, if you pay close attention to how floors typically are in personal use wheelchair vans, you will notice that they are usually not actually solid, smooth and level. Rather, they are somewhat lumpy, bumpy and not as easy to maneuver a wheelchair on as they can be. This is because the factory metal floor of a van is not actually smooth, it has ridges and has a carpet pad which wheelchair wheels sink into a bit, creating resistance to maneuvering. Based on my specifications and design, we greatly improved the original floor treatment by removing the existing carpet and pad and then installing a sheet of sturdy wood directly over the lumpy, bumpy, contoured metal floor. And it became a smooth, solid, level floor. And then commercial rubber-like flooring was used to cover the wood. This material is tough and easy to clean. This van has this new flooring package, which notably improves the interior function of the van for everyone.

* Power turning seat in passenger front area: This has the ability to turn 90 degrees and has an extreme range of travel fore and aft, up and down and of course, it turns. This allows certain people who are capable, to transfer from their wheelchair in and out of this seat for more comfortable riding. This is a $5,000 feature (industrial-duty materials and custom labor) when new!

* Includes anchor points for the floor for securing a wheelchair, if using traditional style anchoring devices is desired. (as seen in photo, these are simple kits that are brand new and ready to install wherever the buyer wants or needs them)

* Includes 4 new anchor straps for securing wheelchair (as seen in photo)

Summary: If you were to buy a new, similarly equipped wheelchair van with the two premium conversions this one has, it would currently cost around $75,000! This is an amazingly well-equipped van and it is quite attractive. And of course, after having recently been extensively cosmetically and functionally rejuvenated, it is in absolutely top condition in every way. During my 12 recent years as a dealer, there were more than 100 full size Ford that we bought, refurbished and sold. The overall quality assessment of this specific Ford van places it in the top handful of all that I have handled.

Price: $19,900

VERY hard to find a fancy wheelchair van like this that has tall doors, creating entry clearance some folks MUST have.

KEY NOTE: this is the new floor in its current state. The carpet that you see in other photos was due to photos that were taken before the floor project was performed. Extensive, awesome rubberized floor project has been recently completed, as shown here.

KEY NOTE: this is the new floor in its current state. The carpet that you see in other photos was due to photos that were taken before the floor project was performed. Extensive, awesome rubberized floor project has been recently completed, as shown here.

Real, verified, true miles! (runs, drives, operates and appears as you would hope that a 42,000 mile vehicle would)

Power folding platform on the lift, allows able-bodied folks in and out when lift is stowed

Stable, sturdy lift will accommodate most wheelchairs and their occupants

Very fancy interior, in great condition (rear seat can fold flat into a bed)

Note: this factory console is designed to be removed in seconds, if you want or need the notable extra clearance and freedom of movement that results from removing it.

This power operated turning seat is a $5,000 feature. It has extreme travel up and down, Fore and aft, plus turns 90 degrees.

4 new wheelchair anchor-pod kits. These can be installed by a light-moderately capable person in the floor locations of your choice

(this floor anchor is sitting loosely on the floor, not attached) This is a sample of one new anchor strap and one new floor anchor kit, mated together as they will be when they are being utilized. This van includes 4 of these systems (total new value apx $500).

4 new straps with box