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2005 Ford with top-quality deeply lowered floor mobility conversion by NorCal (premium build quality, style, design, engineering and materials)

Miles: 109,000 (was mostly easy highway use, commuting in the Sacramento area. This van is in amazing condition in every way and could easily be mistaken for having only half of the moderate miles that it has)

Current Price: $18,500

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No rust, no rust, no rust: this van has lived an easy life and always in California. Folks in-the-know recognize the lower west and southwest as being the very best place to buy rigs with no rust! The combination of being dry and no salted roads, leads to amazing rust-free rigs, of all types. And so if you are in one of the many part of the united states where rust is a problem...this rig is the one that brings absolute no-rust peace of mind...

Highlights of This Van:

* Very increased entry clearance and interior headroom that suits most users, and yet it looks, feels and functions much the same as an unmodified van

* Amazing history of no pets, no kids, no smoking

* Incredibly coincidental that we had a near-twin to this (same brand, same features, same color, etc) that we sold a couple of months ago that had 39,000 actual miles and this one looks, feels and functions essentially the same (I personally drove each of them more than 1,000 miles)

Options and Equipment

This began as a one-ton (E350) standard length (not long or short) body with nice XLT level of features. This has the famously strong, reliable and reasonably economical 5.4-liter Triton motor with 5 speed automatic for respectable MPG. As a result of being an XLT, it began with common power, convenience and cosmetic features such as: power windows, locks and mirrors; tilt and cruise; intermittent wipers; chrome bumpers and deluxe headlights; misc interior and exterior trim features; upgraded interior cloth and carpet; and much more. In addition to the generous XLT level of features as summarized above, this van has: fancy factory Ford alloy wheels, power driver’s seat with lumbar adjustment; CD stereo; dark tinted windows; vented windows on side barn door and drivers side behind seat; etc.

Special features of this premium NorCal mobility conversion

These following items are in addition to the top-level mobility conversion: attractive and sturdy, one-piece fiberglass wheel opening flares and running boards, with integrated assist-steps; top-notch stainless-steel rear spare tire carrier cover and steel rack; extensive custom striping package; extra interior lighting; rear seat is easily removable; plus more

Conversion Note:

A decades-old company in Northern California called NorCal converted this van when it was brand new. This company is widely known throughout the United States as being a top-level convertor, in every way. You might consider that this van essentially received two conversions, one being cosmetic and the other, most importantly, being its very extensive, hard-to-find and valuable package of mobility features


During the 14 years that I have been a dealer of used wheelchair vans, there have been many NorCal vans in my inventory and I have seen and experienced many more. I will say that in my opinion this conversion rivals those done by world-leader Braun and surpasses a wonderful midwest company named Rollx. In this industry I see conversions from various companies, big and small. When it comes to full size mobility vans, various small, low volume, independent companies that are local to the buyers of new vans convert most of them, 80-90 percent. Those conversions are usually suitably good enough quality, although there is a big variance from one independent convertor to another. However, vans such as this, which have been converted by a volume company that has invested greatly into design, engineering, systems and procedures and materials, produces a mobility van of noticeably higher quality than the small, local, independent shops. This does not mean that those other vans that are not built by the large companies are bad, however...a van like this one stands above those independently converted vans. Plus, when this van was created, Nor-Cal is the only company that had a 10-inch lowered floor available! That's a MAJOR, very helpful and desirable feature.

* Deeply lowered floor BENEFITS: This lowered floor goes all the way from in front of the rear seat, forward to below the dash area. Because of this extra-special floor, this van is called a NorCal MAX. MAX refers to the fact that the standard lowered floor is lowered 4 or 6 inches, occasionally 8…whereas this one is lowered a whopping 10 inches! This very deeply lowered floor creates a super amount of entry clearance and interior headroom, without the need for a tall roof. In this case, you essentially get the best of both worlds. Because, you have only a few inches less interior headroom than a van with an added tall roof and approximately the same entry clearance as a tall roof van that has what are called tall doors. However, this van usually can go places that the tall roof vans can't, such as: drive-thru restaurants; parking garages; carports; carwashes; etc. For some folks, these are MAJOR benefits (or necessities) of not having a tall roof. Additional benefits of no tall roof are: better handling; more MPG; less wind buffeting; quieter; sturdier; less weight.

* Power swinging side doors: these doors open with power arms, which are an important part of the complete package that allows some folks in wheelchairs the ability to load/unload and drive themselves fully independent of any assistance from another person

* Both front seats are easily removable: Some folks would want to remove the driver's seat in order to drive from their wheelchair. Due to the location of the lift, if the front passenger seat were removed there would not be great access to parking a wheelchair there, but the seat is easily removable, if that matters to you.

* Braun Millennium lift: this substantial lift (600-pound rating) with long and wide platform, which will accommodate nearly every wheelchair available (and many scooters), is the most popular brand and model of lift in the world. Most notably, this includes the fact that this is the brand and model of lift that is in most commercial/institutional wheelchair vans. However, this “retail use” version, includes several optional features, such as: twin lights which automatically illuminate the platform; additional access-flap on the side of the platform that makes loading and unloading easier.

* Multiple switch locations for operating lift and doors: there is a switch on the dash, and there is a cord attached to the lift with a control box on it, and there are switches at the rear taillight also.

* Many versatile wheelchair anchor locations: these are throughout the middle and front of van, for securing wheelchair anchor straps to the floor.

* Includes 4 anchor straps for securing your wheelchair

Dimensions, capacity and specifications:

Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

Has had a total of 3 owners, all in California

Carfax Report is GREAT!

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

this van has had zero accidents in its life, not even a minor fender-bender. This is very rare, considering that the Carfax company indicates that on average, vehicles have some sort of accident/damage/claim each apx 10,000 miles. (yes, that is what Carfax company indicates on their reports as general information/knowledge)

Summary of this Gem

With respectable miles (this era of full-size Ford usually live to be over 200,000 miles) and having been created by the premium company, with the deepest floor that was ever possible, this van will be a welcome addition to the life of its new owner and their family. As 2014 was the last year when it was possible to buy a new, lowered floor full size van of any brand, this is a type of wheelchair van that becomes more and more scarce as months and years pass. It won't be much longer until all used or new full-size wheelchair vans will be tall and the many benefits of these lowered floor designs will no longer be available.

Gorgeous van inside and out and in every way

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This rear seat is easily removable.

Includes 4 anchor straps

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long and wide platform will accommodate nearly all wheelchairs and many scooters

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Amazingly, that top area where the rear seat is bolted, was where the floor level was originally! Now it is 10 inches lower.

Both front seats are easily removable.

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switches to operate electric emergency brake and the lift and power side doors.

many vents in the ceiling for the rear ventilation system. /td>

all 4 tires are brand new

New control box (pendant)

* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.