2007 Ford Five-Hundred "Limited" (beautiful, luxurious and highly equipped)
Miles: 87,000
Current Price: $5,900
(Will be sold in "GOLD-STANDARD" condition, with 6 month/6,000 mile warranty, which can be upgraded)

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Highlights of This Car:

apx. ($info coming soon) of new and very recent mechanical service: details below
(extensive investment in cosmetic rejuvenation is in addition to this ($info coming soon)

* This is a very classy car, with classic tan exterior and tan leather interior

* Note: this car has been the daily vehicle for me, Rick, owner of this wheelchair van dealership.

Options and Equipment


This has the very fancy, top-level "Limited" model features, which fewer than 2% of these 500's have. This includes the fantastic "DuraTec" motor, which is the 3.0 six cylinder. This car has the most desirable of the two automatic transmissions available, which is NOT the CVT style, but rather, it is a traditional style automatic, but with 6 gears for very nice MPG. Has common power and convenience features such as: power windows, locks, mirrors; tilt wheel and cruise control. It also has a long list of extra features due to being a the "Limited" model, such as: factory 18 inch alloy wheels; leather seats; both front seats are power and heated; has special computer that indicates facts such as MPG, direction, temperature, etc; Digital climate control; traction control; side airbags; ABS; fog lites; and much more


Has had only two total owners/drivers, including myself, Rick, owner of this dealership. This car was traded to a new Cadillac dealer in the San Diego area a couple of years ago when it had apx. 50,000 miles. I bought it from them, specifically for the purpose of using as my daily-driven vehicle. Therefore, that original owner and myself are the only people who have driven/owned it.


This car is in our usual "Gold Standard" level of rejuvenated condition: There are a combined 76 mechanical and cosmetic aspects included in the Wheelchair Van Oasis process. A foundational step of the rejuvenation process is when each vehicle receives an extensive inspection by an objective, independent third- party service and repair facility. Suggested service, repairs and improvements are then performed by various professional specialists. The result is your assurance that each of the 76 aspects meets or exceeds the condition level of good, or satisfactory. For details regarding list of 76 cosmetic and mechanical aspects, please click here. This does of course have various elements that exceed the promised level of good, or satisfactory, which the program assures. Some are brand new improvements performed during rejuvenation. And others are obvious service or repairs performed recently, prior to my ownership. As for those, I only list here those positives that are certain, based on my either having a receipt, and/or due to being obvious to the inspecting-mechanic. I refer to these as "NEW OR RECENTLY SERVICED ASPECTS". As for this vehicle:

Here are the new and recent items:

New: Details coming soon
Recent: Approximate retail value/cost of above-listed items: $coming soon

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Nothing notably negative or unusual. No airbags deployed...No damage leading to such report notes as salvage, totaled, etc...no "red marks" on the report...no major accident...no lemon history...no odometer tampering...no derogatory remarks on the state-issued title

You Might Like To Know...

* I have achieved as high as 31MPG with this car. I usually get very near 30 on the highway and over 20 with city driving.

* The only reasons I am selling this is because I stumbled upon an opportunity to buy an exceptionally nice, older, used Mercedes. I had intended to drive this for more miles, but the Mercedes happened to come along. My wife and I have enjoyed this car very much. We especially like that it was designed to have a larger amount of headroom and visibility (for front AND rear seat passengers) than most cars, which is very true. If you haven't sat in this model of car, you will immediately notice these benefits when you do.

* This car was maintained superbly by a quality shop in the San Diego area and then cared for by the fantastic shop in the Medford area that does all mechanical work for my business and me.

Summary of this Gem

This has now been rejuvenated to the very high "Gold-Standard" level at which each of my dealership vehicles is sold. If you see and drive this car, compared to other cars anywhere near this price-range, you will be impressed. I would not hesitate to get into this car with several of my family or close friends and drive across America and back...a couple of times. It is that nice.

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* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.