1993 Dodge Caravan w/tall roof and power door
68,000 actual miles
Current Price: $10,900


Highly rejuvenated and very sharp
Low, low miles
Exceptional components make this a great wheelchair van
Affordably priced, rejuvenated, low mile, well-featured minivan

Options and Equipment

THE VAN: Began as a Grand Caravan with middle trim level SE package.  Includes features such as upgraded cloth, armrests on seats, adjustable rear seat which folds flat, etc.   Has the best motor of 3 available, which is optional 3.3 liter V6.   It has automatic with optional overdrive transmission.   Has power mirrors, locks, cruise, tint windows, variable wipers, tilt, fancy wheel covers, cold A/C.

THE GOODIES:  Custom pin stripes, floor mats


This van achieves mobility in a different way than common wheelchair minivan conversions.   Many people do love the way other minivans with lowered floors are but there are some folks for cant use that style of van, here's why:  lowered floor minivans have significantly reduced ground clearance, which can be a problem.   Because, the low point of ground clearance on a lowered floor van is about half of this van.   And to have even that minimal clearance, the lowered floor vans require air suspension which can have problems.  If you ever need to drive over bumps, steep driveways, gravel, etcetera... a lowered floor minivan is probably not what you want.   Rather, this raised roof minivan may be what you need.  This is  simpler, more reliable and rides and drives like 'normal', whereas the lowered floor minivans are a different creature.  They are very nice, but are only suitable for certain users. 

Here's the mobility features this van has:

* Nice lift:  a wonderful, high-quality, capable lift.  Made of virtually all aluminum, which is light weight, durable and always looks good.  Has multiple switch locations for versatile operation.

* Power slider door: a super feature and necessary for some people in order to have the freedom or flexibility they desire.

* Tall roof and door:  contoured raised roof looks good and is aerodynamic and adds nearly one foot of extra headroom inside.  This makes the overall interior height similar to a minivan with a lowered floor. The tall door allow generous amount of clearance at the entry/exit point.

* Various switches and control choices: Has controls for the lift and power slider door on the dash, at the unit itself and a lockable switch on the rear taillight. Very versatile.

Dimensions, capacity and specifications: Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

This van has never been used in any commercial way.  It has been in Western Oregon since new.


History of Care

When I first saw and drove this van I was amazed.   It was then and is now obvious that this van has had easy use.   It has been taken exceptional care of, some of which I have receipts for and other care has been done at a new car dealer and is reflected on the Carfax report.   This van is every bit as nice as it looks in these photos.

Each of my vans receives a detailed (about 75 items) inspection by the general mechanic shop which I consider to be the finest in my area. Then, after discussing their report, I have them do what is needed to repair, replace or service items on the vehicle in order to reach my high standard of overall mechanical condition.  This is a major element of my "Rick's rejuvenated" process.  And at that time, in addition to various other work as needed, they always perform a multi-point lube, filter and fluid inspection process.

As a result of the above-mentioned process, here are a few items which have been freshly completed:

 Rear brake service; cooling system flush; exhaust update


As part of my 'Rick's rejuvenated'' process, each mobility/adaptive component is inspected, serviced, adjusted and repaired (if needed) by the premium company in this area which exclusively cares for wheelchair vans. At that time, in addition to various other work as needed, they always perform a multi-point lube, filter and fluid inspection process.


Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

There is nothing negative on the report.  Has been in Oregon since new.

You Might Like To Know...

* I've been told by people in chairs who've owned this body style (1990-1995)as well as the newer style, that they prefer riding in this style because the windows are positioned at a better height for viewing to the outside than the newer style (which began in 1996).

* Each of my vans has a superb paint sealant as the final step of the extreme detail. If you were to have a professional apply a treatment the cost would be several hundred dollars.

Summary of this Gem

Affordable, low mile, immaculate Minivan wheelchair vans such as this are very desirable and sought-after.   And yes, it is as nice as it appears in the photos.  Please visit my website for more than 20 photos and extensive details about this van and others.  



Combination of tall roof and tall door create sufficient entry/exit clearance for most users
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Platform suitable for all but particularly large chairs
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Tall roof creates comfortable interior headroom for passengers and person in wheelchair
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Notice tall entry area and generous-sized platform
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Easy loading and unloading of platform
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Driver's Side Full View
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Driver's Side Rear View
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Passenger Side Rear View
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Passenger Side Front View
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Passenger Side Front Biew
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Driver Side Interior
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Very low miles by only two owners
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Cassette Stereo
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Air bag and cruise control
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This van has the most desirable of three engines avialable
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Passenger Side Interior
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Power door and lift are operable from tail light as well as dash area
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Generous cargo area behind rear seat
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All aluminum Ricon lift is very sturdy and easy to use
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This photo is a good indicator of the significant amount of headroom due to the raised roof
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Another great view of the interior and an indication of generous headroom
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Extremely nice interior with very little wear which is an indication of the easy use it has had
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These switches on the lift unit combined with taillight area and dash controls allow for much versatility
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Includes original manuals
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* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.