1995 Ford  1/2 ton
76,000 Miles
Current Price: $10,900


   Super UVL: very desirable lift for many reasons (new cost: apx. $10,000 !)
   Absolutely amazing, beautiful condition
Includes EZ-Loc electronic docking for quick and easy loading/unloading
Seats 6 PLUS person in wheelchair... major benefit of this style lift

Options and Equipment

THE VAN:  a standard length 1/2 ton with 5.8 motor and automatic with overdrive. It is a highly equipped XLT: with a thorough list of power and convenience features, plus dual A/C and heat, power seat, lumbar controls, alloys, factory two-tone paint, tinted windows and more. 

EXTRA GOODIES:  Has a CD stereo, solid & quality entry steps, rear-view window magnifier, tow hitch and wiring (light capacity hitch, could never have been worked hard)

MOBILITY:  This has a favorite type and brand of lift that many folks prefer and like very much. For many folks this style of Braun lift is the best choice but they are much less common than others.  This is called a UVL, which means under-vehicle-lift.  The lift is positioned under the van and therefore is not intruding (or blocking) into the passenger area at any time. Therefore, when the lift is not being used, the van functins and looks like a normal van.  When in use, this lift brings the person and chair between the positions of being perfectly level with the floor, or smoothly level on the ground.  Once unloaded the lift effortlessly hides away underneath.  There is also an extra, single seat which has been  added in a very space-efficient location.  There is enough space for the person in wheelchair and other passengers to pass by this extra seat and it has a quick release base if you choose to remove it.  This van also has the very desirable EZ-Lock electronic wheelchair anchoring system.

NOTE: regarding headroom: Factory configured Ford vans have more headroom than Dodge or Chevy AND due to its unique position, the UVL allows 1-2 inches more headroom versus other style lifts. Therefore, even though this van does not have a lowered floor or raised roof, it will satisfy the needs of many families. And the value is several thousand below what it would be if it had extra clearance.

Dimensions, capacity and specifications: Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

I originally bought it about a year ago from the second owner who is a meticulous CPA.   I rejuvenated it and sold it to a family for their father, which enabled them to transport him in his last months.   As they anticipated, he died a few months after they bought it.  And recently they have sold it back to me.  It has now been freshly rejuvenated again and is beautiful, capable and ready to go.

History of Care

I do have various receipts from over the years. The people who owned this took amazing care of it. This van runs, drives, and performs possibly even nicer than it looks...which is outstanding!   This van is a "must see". 

Each of my vans receives a detailed (about 75 items) inspection by the general mechanic shop which I consider to be the finest in my area. Then, after discussing their report, I have them do what is needed to repair, replace or service items on the vehicle in order to reach my high standard of overall mechanical condition.  And in case you may wonder, their process on each van does include an oil, lube and filter service.  The aforementioned inspection, repair and service process is a major and very valuable element of my "Rick's rejuvenated" process.

As a result of the above mentioned process, here is a list of some items which were cared for by the shop I speak of:

* New primary serpentine belt

* Transmission serviced

* New battery

* Cooling system flush

As part of my 'Rick's rejuvenated'' process for wheelchair vans, each mobility component is inspected, serviced, adjusted and repaired (if needed) by the premium company in this area which exclusively cares for wheelchair vans.

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Nothing negative or derogatory on the report.

You Might Like To Know...

An enduring design: This approximate body style began in 1992 and was quite similar, with minor incremental changes, until 2007.  Therefore, given the amazing overall condition of this van and the beautiful two-tone paint...you and everyone else will feel as if you are driving a much newer van.

* Each of my vans has a superb paint sealant as the final step of the extreme detail. The typical cost of this treatment is several hundred dollars.

Summary of this Gem

An absolutely immaculate, highly equipped, low mile wheelchair van with a favorite style of lift. The Braun UVL (under vehicle lift) is tucked out of the way, creating no blockage at any time to the passenger area. And rare for a WC van, it seats 6 PLUS the person in a chair.  Includes EZ-Lock electronic chair-docking station.


Drivers' side full view
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Driver's Side Rear Angle
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Passenger Side Rear Angle
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Passenger Side Front Angle
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Driver's Area, Notice Power Seat
with Lumbar Adjustment
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Two Controllers: One for EZ-Lock
Electronic Wheelchair Anchor; Other is
Electronic Trailer Brake Controller
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Modern High Power CD/Stereo
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Engine Area with Brand New HD Battery
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Passenger Front, Notice Power Lumbar
Adjustment on Seat
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Notice Several Things: EZ-Lock Wheelchair
Anchor on Floor; Well-positioned Custom
Single Seat; Rear Seat Holds 3 People
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Ducts and Controller for Rear Heat and
Air Conditioning
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
This is my favorite style of lift:
located under van with no
obstruction or blockage of
passenger area
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
This is the lift controller which is easy
to use and weather-proof

(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Shows Lift in Down Position
and Ready to Load
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Shows Lift Level with Floor and Ready
for Wheelchair to go in or out
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Notice: this configuration
accommodates 6 passengers plus
wheelchair with enough space
between wheelchair and single seat
for people to access rear seat
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Ford Vans not only have the most head
room of all vans without modified floors
or roof, but also the largest floor space
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
EZ-Lock is Very Desirable, Valuable,
Easy to Use and Secure
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Custom Installed Well-positioned
Quality Seat with Quick-release base
for times when it is not desired
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
This van has floor anchor strips in
addition to the EZ-Lock
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
This van has floor anchor strips in
addition to the EZ-Lock
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
This is the Control Unit for the Lift
and is Located in Rear of Van (is
only used in time of need for
emergency manual operation
of lift)
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Ample Cargo Area Behind Rear Seat
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)
Nifty Rear Window Magnifier to
Better See Obstacles Behind You...
it actually works well!
(Click on Picture to Enlarge)

* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.