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Wheelchair Vans Currently for Sale

We would love to be the source of your van. I'm sorry we don't have more available at the moment. We usually have more for sale, but our inventory has been depleted. We do have additional vans that are currently undergoing rejuvenation, leading to being in "Certified" condition with warranty. Please scroll down to see the vans that are available for you to Reserve, for final purchase in the near future. Once a specific van is Reserved, it is completed ASAP, usually within a couple of weeks. Sincerely, Rick

2011 Scion XB (by Toyota) with substantial wheelchair access conversion plus a brand-new package of custom features
Miles: 78,000 Actual Total Miles
Price $18,500

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Wheelchair Vans Coming Soon
Currently undergoing functional and cosmetic rejuvenation

During the past few years, approximately 70% of our vans were spoken for during the rejuvenation process. Yes, most were spoken for before making it to the "For Sale" mode. Please consider the vans in this area, which are currently undergoing our usual, extensive rejuvenation. This process, which leads to being in "Certified" condition, includes servicing, repairs, beautification, updating and enhancing. This substantial transformation is the result of a sizable investment of time and money. Currently each of our vans are available for sale are listed in the are above.

2005 Ford with top-quality deeply lowered floor mobility conversion
Miles: 109,000 - Price - $19,500 (includes a warrantee!)

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2003 Dodge full size with fancy touring/conversion AND mobility features
Miles: 64,000 Actual Miles

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