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Wheelchair Vans Currently for Sale

2000 Chevy Astro: AWD/4x4 wheelchair van with extensive mobility conversion
Miles: 80,000 Actual Total Miles
Price $17,900

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2002 Pontiac Montana with extensive/complete power operated mobility conversion
Miles: 84,000 Actual Total Miles
Price $10,900

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Wheelchair Vans Coming Soon
Currently undergoing functional and cosmetic rejuvenation

During the past few years, approximately 70% of our vans were spoken for during the rejuvenation process. Yes, most were spoken for before making it to the "For Sale" mode. Please consider the vans in this area, which are currently undergoing our usual, extensive rejuvenation. This process, which leads to being in "Certified" condition, includes servicing, repairs, beautification, updating and enhancing. This substantial transformation is the result of a sizable investment of time and money. Currently each of our vans are available for sale are listed in the are above.

Additional items of note and value available for sale from Rick Bohr Personally
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Golf Cart with amazing materials, build quality and near-new current condition
Price - $9,900

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Highly rejuvenated Custom-built golf cart,
by Western Golf Car
Price - $3,600

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