Your Ultimate Van

No substitute for low miles; if a van has average or high miles, its life and value are much more limited than with low miles. When you invest a bit extra to buy low miles…it pays off in big ways. And someday, when you want to sell your van, with lower miles it will be much easier to sell and for a higher price.

A ‘Rick’s rejuvenated’ van is your best value; each of my vans has been extensively rejuvenated cosmetically, mechanically and functionally. When you want and hope to find a low mile wheelchair van that looks, feels and performs wonderful, but don’t have 20, 30 or 40 thousand to spend, my vans are what you are looking for.

Get what you want AND what you need; My goal is to offer vans that not only have mobility and adaptive solutions folks need, but to also have vans that are a pleasure to own. Therefore, most vans I offer have various ‘bonus’ features such as attractive graphics and paint, contoured roofs, leather seating, entertainment systems, added luxury and convenience items, fancy tires and wheels and other such ‘extras’.

A Quality Experience

You have my attention; we all want to feel that our needs, questions and goals matter to the person we may be doing business with. With that idea in mind, I assure you that whenever we talk on the phone or in-person, you will have my full attention. I will not put you on hold or make you wait. And I will take however much time you want to help you in any way I can.

No salesperson…ever: I don’t have salespeople. These vans and the folks in need of them are special, and it is very important to me to assist each person myself. I do have a couple of helpers in my business and lots of assistance from outside companies with my ‘Rick’s Rejuvenation’ process on each van. But when it comes to your questions about the vans and through each step of your purchase, I will personally do my best to assist you in every way I possibly can.

A quiet location: one of my goals is for this to be a vehicle sales business that does not look or feel like the others. My goal is for you to be comfortable. And because I care, my intention has been to create an atmosphere that feels good to you and to interact with you in a way that is pleasant and enjoyable. No pressure, no hassle…just right.

"I Promise You..."

“Old Fashioned” Way: I am proud that my dad, brother, uncles and myself have been in various aspects of the auto industry, beginning in 1953. I was taught to live my business and personal life the “old fashioned way’. Some of what that means to me is to make and keep promises and commitments. You deserve that.

Communication is a key: I will do all I can to hear you, understand you and pay close attention to your needs. I believe that excellent communication is valuable and important key to every great relationship.

Making it right: Sometimes in life and business, “stuff happens”. Should any “stuff” arise in our interaction together, I am committed to doing everything I can to satisfy you and be fair.

GOD as my guide: I believe that being happy, successful and a “good person” is best accomplished by following “the Golden Rule”. I promise to treat you in the same way that I enjoy and appreciate being treated by others.