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I sincerely thank you for visiting this page. I will preface the details below with the fact that each of my services include a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with my advice, information, or assistance, you will receive a 100% refund. I know, with certainty, that if you need a wheelchair van, you will benefit greatly from my assistance. My assistance will help you get the van that represents the best overall van for your unique needs. Yes, absolutely. And if for any reason you feel otherwise, at any time, my assistance will not cost you a penny. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I presume that you've read my home page, where I introduced myself and summarized 40+ years in various aspects of the auto industry. This includes 2006-2019 as a dealership owner, offering an inventory consisting only of highly rejuvenated, "Certified" wheelchair vans. This 40+ years (with management and ownership roles in many aspects of the auto industry) of experience is what lead to now offering my services to you, as a wheelchair van consultant.

There are several services that I am happy to offer to you, with the focused goal of helping you to get the used wheelchair van that best suits your needs, regarding features, accommodation, condition, price, financing, etcetera. Payment/cost for these services range from hourly rates, to flat fees, to the low cost of a book (digital-downloadable or printed). Here is my list of services, including a summary of that service. See payment/cost information at the bottom of this page.

Preface/note regarding the nature of my expertise as it relates to each of the services I offer: When I became a dealer of used wheelchair vans, my nearly 30 years of experience as manager and owner in various aspects of the auto industry, provided me a super foundation. During the 13 years of having the wheelchair van dealership, my role was extremely unique and diverse, as compared to virtually every other person in this narrow-niche industry. Actually, extremely unique and diverse. This is because I deliberately had no person functioning as a finder/buyer, nor did I ever have a salesperson. Yes, 100% of the vans I handled in 12 years were searched for, researched, evaluated, bought, marketed, and none other than, me. No employee did any of those major roles. Plus, for the first several years I managed (and/or performed the tasks myself) 100% of the extensive rejuvenation of each van, which provided intimate insight into the VERY unique nature of wheelchair vans. In the later years, we (my wife and I) had a shop manager who handled the details of rejuvenating each van. However, I retained extensive, daily oversight of each van project. As a result of the facts mentioned in this paragraph, each of the services offered below are my areas of expertise. There may be no other person with the unique combination of direct experience that I have, regarding the entire spectrum of topics mentioned here and services I now offer.

Phone consultation: No matter what your questions are regarding used wheelchair vans, you will receive assistance, answers and commentary from me, in a manner that makes sense to you.

Appraisal/ value assessment: During our 12 years we acquired, rejuvenated and then sold many hundreds of wheelchair vans, on a nationwide scale. In the process of this activity, there were literally tens of thousands of additional vans that I viewed, read about and in countless cases, inquired about. The combined experience of having handled the volume of vans as I did, combined with my intimate awareness and experience being immersed for 12 years in this unique niche marketplace, enables me to provide expert appraisals and value assessments.

Loan-acquisition assistance: My experience has been that other than the challenge for folks of finding the necessary unique van features and configuration needed, their biggest obstacle is usually obtaining financing. The great news is that over the years I developed a process that leads to folks usually getting the financing they need.

Book (coming soon): Wheelchair vans and the people they serve are extremely unique in many ways. There are so many topics that are sometimes impossible to find unbiased, accurate, helpful advice and information about. This book has the answers, solutions, advice and assistance that most folks seeking their ideal used wheelchair van need. It can be purchased as a downloadable digital book, or a traditional, bound and printed book can be sent to you.

Expert assistance: over the years, many citizens and professionals of one type or another asked for my assistance. At times, they pleaded. This was in regard to their circumstances ranging from hassles with insurance companies after an accident, to desperately trying to find a capable, honest mechanic shop with fair prices, to asking me to assist with aspects of a lawsuit. I was able to help some of these folks, but the demands of our very busy business did not allow me to assist as much as I had wanted to. Now, with major demands of the dealership behind me, my expert assistance is available for these topics and many others.

Payment/cost information:Some services have a flat-rate and some are $90 hourly. Please contact me with any questions. I am committed to helping you achieve your best possible outcome regarding your wheelchair van goals. Each of my services is 100% guaranteed.

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