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Definition of Rejuvenate: restore to a former state; undergo a renewal of youthfulness; give new vigor to

What's so special about our "Certified" vans?

Since 2007, I've searched far and wide to acquire wheelchair vans with relatively low and very low miles. Then, each van, regardless of age or eventual price, undergoes a substantial functional and cosmetic rejuvenation process. Typically, we invest several thousand dollars per van, over a period of weeks or months, into this process. No matter if you are interested in one of our vans that is priced in the teens, or in the 20's, each receives the same "Certified" treatment.

There is a team of local businesses, coordinated with our in-house efforts, which results in the extensive rejuvenation of each van. This leads to affordable vans that feel, function and appear...fantastic! Each van meets our "Certified" level of overall cosmetic and functional condition. Plus, notably, each of our "Certified" vans includes a valuable warranty, which is not true for used wheelchair vans bought elsewhere.

If you would like to learn much more detail about our "Certified" program, Please Click HERE

Simple Summary: if you're seeking an exceptionally nice wheelchair van with relatively low or very low miles, at an affordable price, you've now found your ideal source for it.

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