2001 Chevy one-ton with super passenger and wheelchair-carrying capability (see details below)
Miles: 74,000 (will be sold in "Certified" condition, with warranty)
Current Price: $16,500

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Highlights of This Van:

*apx. $ $3,000 of new and very recent mechanical service: (details below)
(extensive investment in cosmetic rejuvenation is in addition to this $3,000)

* apx. $2,000 of new cosmetic and functional add-on's (details below)

* Exceptional seating AND wheelchair carrying capacity: will carry as many as 9 belted passengers PLUS two wheelchairs

Options and Equipment


Prior to being converted into a wheelchair van, this began as a moderate trim level model, with famously great HD 5.7 (350 c.i.) liter motor and HD automatic with overdrive. This trim level and drivetrain combo is fairly common on a standard length passenger van, but is rare on an extended body model. Some of the items on the long list of features this van has are: power windows, locks and mirrors; intermittent wipers; tilt wheel and cruise control; stereo with 4 speakers; high back captains chairs in front with armrests; factory GM alloy wheels; upgraded interior and exterior trim features for better appearance, comfort and function; factory tow package; 2 side windows and both rear doors have vents; gauge package; upgraded headlights and misc lighting; miscellaneous convenience and comfort features; etc, etc.

New cosmetic and functional add-on's

Brand new tow hitch, wiring and brake controller (apx. $750); brand new custom tinted windows; custom stripes and side moldings (apx. $900); new CD stereo with accessory port (apx $300). As listed here, total cost/value for these new features is nearly $2,000.


Following is a list of the special mobility conversion features of this van:

* Braun lift with split-folding platform: made by the world's largest manufacturer and innovator of lifts, this is a super lift. It's rated at 600 pounds and has a platform large enough for most users and their wheelchairs. The split platform allows for easy passage of able-bodied folks in and out when lift is stowed. This is a SUPER feature that is rarely found on extended length/greater-capacity vans. It has controls on the lift and on a cord/cable.

* Anchor locations: installed in this van are 4 new steel anchor pods. These are located in the 4 far corners of the mid-floor area, which creates maximum choices as to where a wheelchair is parked/secured. More anchor pods could be added, in various choices of locations, if you want to often carry more than one wheelchair

* NEW FLOOR IS A SUPER ENHANCEMENT: My greatest wonderment in the many years I have specialized in rejuvenating and improving wheelchair vans, is that I wonder why more wheelchair van creators and owners don't have such a feature as has now been added to this van. Although most folks tend to think of a floor in a van as being flat and solid from the factory, it is actually far from it, and that results in a terrible surface to move a wheelchair van on. You see, under the factory carpet in a stock van, there is a thick carpet pad and under that is, to one degree or another, a lumpy, bumpy, uneven metal floor surface. And in the case of most vans that are turned into a wheelchair van, there are also remnants from seats being removed, such as holes, tracks, mounting plates, etc. All of what I describe here results in a surface that is not nice to maneuver a wheelchair on. And there are misc unpleasant elements to live with. The diameter of wheels on most wheelchairs helps to overcome these facts, but the usual floors are far from ideal. And so we solve that here.  In the area that the chair/s will be moving, a specialist removed whatever materials were above the metal floor surface.  And then they installed quality plywood over the metal, to create a smooth, solid, level surface. (plus the floor becomes quieter). Then an awesome, tough, easy-to-clean, rubber-like material was put over the wood for cosmetic benefit. Once you have maneuvered a wheelchair on a floor like this, you would never want anything less.

Dimensions, capacity and specifications:

Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.


It had only one owner, until only 1,000 miles ago. I bought this van from the original owner and did our usual process of extensive cosmetic and functional rejuvenation (plus the list of new, custom items listed above) and sold it less than 3 months ago. Very sadly, its intended use ceased, because the person in the wheelchair suddenly died. Therefore, other than approximately 1,000 miles by the person I sold it to, there has been only one owner.


This vehicle is 'Certified': There are a combined 76 mechanical and cosmetic aspects included in the Wheelchair Van Oasis Certification process. A foundational step of the rejuvenation process is when each vehicle receives an extensive inspection by an objective, independent  third- party service and repair facility.  Suggested service, repairs and improvements are then performed by various professional specialists. The result is your assurance  that each of the 76 aspects meets or exceeds the condition level of good, or satisfactory.

For details regarding list of 76 cosmetic and mechanical aspects, please
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Each van does of course have various elements which exceed the promised level of good or satisfactory, which the Certified program assures. Some are brand new improvements performed during rejuvenation.  And others are obvious service or repairs performed recently, prior to my ownership.  As for those, I only list here those positives which are certain, based on my either having a receipt, and/or due to being obvious to the inspecting-mechanic. I refer to these as NEW OR RECENTLY SERVICED ASPECTS

Here are the new and recent items:

New: Starter; major tune-up; major lift service, including parts; lube/filter; power window repair; A/C service; brake system flush and fill; cooling system flush and fill; rear axle service
Recent: front brakes; tires

Approximate retail value/cost of above-listed items: $3000
(extensive investment in cosmetic rejuvenation is in addition to this $3,000)

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Nothing notably negative or unusual. No airbags deployed...No damage leading to such report notes as salvage, totaled, etc...no "red marks" on the report...no major accident...no lemon history...no odometer tampering...no derogatory remarks on the state-issued title

You Might Like To Know...

* Chevy and GMC full size are essentially the same vans, both built by General Motors

Summary of this Gem

I periodically get calls from large families and certain organizations that seek a wheelchair van such as this, and they simply cannot find anything similar at a good price. This is because most vans that can carry the number of able-bodied and wheelchair-bound folks such as this van is custom-designed for, are usually huge, ugly, unwieldy beasts and if they are in this price range they are rough, unattractive and have lots of miles. Some benefits of this van are the very nice miles and that it has a good level of comfort and convenience features, which most high capacity vans such as this don't often have. Plus, it's has the bonus of being comfortable and having a nice appearance. This is an uncommon van that a large family or certain organizations will be very happy to own.

For a big van, this one is quite attractive

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Comfortable seats, with armrests

Special lift, allows passage of able-bodied folks in and out, when lift is stowed

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Smooth transition from lift to floor

This platform is long and wide enough to accommodate nearly all wheelchairs

Big open floor area

Seats 7 in the rear 2 seats

Shown here: 2 medium size power wheelchairs and a person sitting directly behind it

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For a big van, this one is quite attractive

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Comfortable, not industrial...this is a well equipped model

Some cargo area remains, behind rear seat

Full list of power and convenience features

Controls for rear ventilation are in front and rear, in middle of ceiling. There are many vents throughout the middle and rear of ceiling

* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.