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Thank you for inquiring about my consulting services. We do offer transportation of wheelchair vans as a service that is available. It is common that folks ask me if I'm able to transport a van for them. Delivery can occur within as few as a couple of days of your request, usually not more than a week of advance planning is needed for us to accommodate your delivery need.

How much will the delivery cost? Below, is a fair and simple fee schedule:

0-500 miles = $1.00 per mile + $100 base rate

Custom quote for distance greater than 500 miles (we can usually reduce the cost per mile, sometimes notably, on trips longer than 500 miles)


A) depending on various particulars, occasionally vans are driven to buyer, versus hauling and towing with truck and trailer. The same rate applies when a van is either being hauled or driven.

B) delivery fee is based on one-way miles (you pay for one direction, not both)

C) be extremely skeptical of price quotes for transporting wheelchair vans, which you encounter via online forms from trucking companies. The fact is, there has not been one time, not even one...when myself or anyone I know of has been able to get a wheelchair van hauled for the amount that was quoted, within in a reasonable time frame. This has been my experience, based on my many years in this industry. There are various specific reasons why companies with these online systems, don't honor their quotes. Very unfortunately, this is a unique circumstance regarding hauling wheelchair vans.

As always, please feel free to call or mail with any questions about this or any other matter.


Rick Bohr