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Can't thank you enough for everything. We had a great day enjoying the coast today.

Phil and Monica
To: Rick
WOW ------------------------------All I can say, is, love it! It runs great, rides sooooo nice, I feel like I could not have done any better even if I had seen and picked it out before hand!!
Rick, I wish there were more honest, conscientious, people out there. I hope you do know what a great service you are providing.
Thank-you for your patience, Tamara
To: Rick
Re: Re: 1990 Honda Accord


Thanks for checking in. It has been such a pleasure to drive. I took it to Santa Rosa last night for a basketball game there and it just glides along: peppy, economical, comfortable, and nimble.

We really appreciate having it in our family.

Happy Thanksgiving Rick, and thanks to you.



To: Rick
Re: Re: 1990 Honda Accord


Thanks for checking in. It has been such a pleasure to drive. I took it to Santa Rosa last night for a basketball game there and it just glides along: peppy, economical, comfortable, and nimble.

We really appreciate having it in our family.

Happy Thanksgiving Rick, and thanks to you.



From: George Murphy
To: Rick Bohr
Subject: RE: responding to your inquiry

Thank you so much for your response.  It's what I like about your mission.   I am not ready to buy the GMC but I have your website saved.  Should I need a van for my son I will be coming to you. I've looked into other sites and yours is the BEST!   thanks again
What a great van you sold me.
I think that it's great and better than you had said it would be.  It was so nice to meet you. If anyone asks where to find a good van, I will tell them about you.  I've already had many people who can't believe it when I tell them what year it is.
Thanks again for the cool van.

Hi, its Jennifer. I just recently purchased a van from you that I absolutely love. Thank you. My dad also said that he enjoyed talking to you when he came to pick it up. Thank you, Jennifer


Rick,  thanks again for this great value---my new van!!
It is excellent to have begun to realize this dream of mine in a way I can afford! Gratefully, thankfully,
To All Interested Car Buyers that May consider buying from Rick’s Low Mile Gems; his vehicles and professional manner are truly a Gem in today’s world of car dealers.
I recently bought a 1994 wheelchair van from Rick. My experience was excellent. He even drove to the airport to pick me up, as I live 9 hours away. He was courteous, helpful and returned each of my calls promptly. If youlook at his website all of his cars are nice and clean even though some may be 10 years or older. After walking around and looking at other vehicles all of the cars are as clean as they look on his website.The WC van I bought was a steal as it almost looks brand new. In my opinion all of his cars are fairly priced. Many people would think it is crazy to get on a plane and buy a vehicle site unseen but I would do it again if he has any cars that meet our needs.

Marty Mathison Owner of CS Transport, Sunnyside, WA Medical Transportation



" Rick is a very high quality smart gentleman.  Rick took the time to listen to everything my parents and I were needing and asking.  He considered everything we needed to know and thoroughly explained.  He's very professional, respectful and wants only THE best for everyone who he interacts with.  I'm a disabled customer who purchased a GEM.   I recommend Wheelchair Van Oasis and Rick Bohr to ANYONE who wants to work with a man of the utmost character and integrity, Rick Bohr is AWESOME" 

"Rick is a good man, he truly cares for his client's needs.   I know this because I am one of his clients.  Rick set me up with my wheel chair van complete with a hoist and a reconditioned power chair.   He delivers what he promises.  Go see Rick if you need a handicap equipped van."



For starters I want to thank you for providing us with such a beautiful van. When Alan pulled in the driveway I was so pleased, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. This van has given me my life back, and it couldn't come at a better time. I have been able to get out and help my mom with all the funeral arrangements. You were such a pleasure to work with and so much more than a person selling us a van, but more like a friend selling us a van. I just wanted to thank you for everything and for providing us with such a great vehicle. I know that there are angels among us and you and your staff are some of them.  

Thank you,

and may God bless all of you!




I was nervous about buying a vehicle, sight unseen. You assured me of the condition of this and made me feel comfortable. After receiving the van it far exceeds your description. I'm very happy with this purchase and I know it will provide us with years of enjoyment.  

Thanks again,  



Hi Rick, 

I wanted to thank you for all the great information and confidence you have given me to purchase this van for my sister Marsha.  My brother Paul and I feel this is definitely the way to go.  We are very excited to know Marsha will be able to get around and be safe and not worry about the van breaking down. 

Thanks again,

Toni Welch


Subject: 1998 Ford Windstar Trip Report Home

Thank you for the help to find a Van to haul my personal Mobility Device.  The van ran fine.  We got home around 10 pm.

Overall the Van ran very well and I am pleased with the purchase.  There were a few minor Issues experienced during drive home in the rain and darkness, but nothing major.  A broken button on the stereo, a dim headlight and a rattle from the lift were the things I will want to improve.

I am sharing this with you since I believe you want to provide the best possible customer service and without honest input and it is very difficult to improve your service ( which is already great ).

In summary, I would recommend your dealership to anyone I know that needs a Vehicle to transport a Personal Mobility Device ( I don't like the term Wheelchair ) ......

Thanks again.  I plan to keep in touch.




Thank you.  I just spent an hour in the driver's seat.  Thanks to you & Wheelchair Van Oasis I am mobile SOON & very happy with our dealings.

Smooth ride home from Medford & the quality time spent with my folks is much appreciated.


I'll shoot you updates as they happen :)

Thanks again Rick,



Letter for website

I was in need of a vehicle and found a beautiful, low mile, fully loaded, 1997 Ford Thunderbird on this website.   So I made a phone call, explained my situation and what I was looking for.  Rick was more than happy to meet me at his lot on his day off and take me for a test drive.

Everyone has that moment of angst when they walk onto any car lot, this was different.  Rick made me feel very comfortable and was very friendly.  He is truly there to help his customers find value in older, low mileage, well taken care of vehicles.  He isn’t like your typical “car salesman”.  He is a caring business owner, who wants his customers to be satisfied.  He is kind, easy to work with and will find you the best fit within your budget.  Rick helped me out in a way that I will never forget.  For that, I consider him more than my “car salesman”, he truly is a friend and cares about people and how they view him and his business. 


As for the 1997 Ford Thunderbird that I was interested in, to my amazement, it really was in the condition that it appeared to be on-line. It was immaculate,  almost like it was a brand new car.  Very clean, well kept, low miles, interior, exterior and the engine were all spotless.   We went for a nice long drive, it ran perfectly! 


Needless to say I am a very happy customer of Rick’s Low Mile Gems.  He is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.


One last note, Rick does offer a warranty on his vehicles and I am happy to say, I didn’t have to use that warranty.  The car still runs perfectly.


Thank you Rick!

Cynthia Hayes

Central Point, Oregon


Hi Rick,

We received the plates and are looking forward to our first excursion.   We were fortunate to have the pleasant experience dealing with you.

Good luck to you.  You have a good marketing approach and website and should enjoy continued success.

Bill & Irene


> Hi Rick,
> We made it safely back to San Francisco, and the van drives great! 
> Thanks so much.   

> Thanks, and Happy New Year!

> Lou


To: rick@lowmilegems.com
Re: van

Dear Rick.....I want to take this time to let you know how excited I am about the 95 Ford camping van that I bought from you. I just love it!! I truly appreciated your kindness, patience and understanding throughout the whole process. I also appreciate the quality of the van. You were nothing like those typical car salesman. You were friendly, cheerful and not pushy....and still gave me a great deal!!! I will certainly send folks your way.
Thanks again!

Dawn Linwood


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To: Rick
Subject: RE: Low Mile Gems, 1995 Chev Van

Thanks Rick,

I've had the chance to drive the van from Medford, and the van preformed great.   I will say the “deal” went very smooth and you represented the vehicle and yourself honestly; it was refreshing to know that there are people who think about others in their life’s’ work.   I will send you a picture of one of our outings when we make one, maybe to the coast.   We now have the options to do things like that because of the Van.

Thanks Shelly Pruitt

To: rick@lowmilegems.com
Happy New Year!

Hello Rick, 

I wanted to wish you the best for the new year, and while I am at it, I would like to tell you I am impressed.  Your approach seems to me to be rare in todays market. 

I have recently moved to Medford from Sacramento.  Being new to the area, I was looking through local business advertisements.  I happend to run accross one of yours.  It stood out from the rest not because it was an expensive and flashy production, but because of it's humble and sincere message.  The autos you were offering were all older in years but all were low mileage well maintained cars. 

When I am in the market,  I spend many hours searching for a good clean car with lots of life remaining yet reasonably priced,  one that has been well cared for by it's previous owner.  Finding one for sale by a private owner is very hard to do and the larger dealers do not offer cars in the same price range.  Finding a car with the kind of low mileage at the price range of yours is really rare. 

You do what I can not do, you find the "Low Mile Gems" research the history of the cars and their former owners, put them through their safety and mechanical checks and make sure they are quality cars that deliver value to your customers. 

I say, "Well Done Rick, and keep up the good work." 

When I am ready to purchase another vehicle, you can be sure I will be calling on you.

I tell my friends and family members about you so you can take care of them as well. 

Happy New Year Rick. 




I consigned my rare Mercedes with Rick at Low Mile Gems and was pleasantly surprised at how well he cleaned up the car and marketed it. I thought I was going to have to advertise the car nationwide but Rick found a local buyer within a few short weeks at my price. Mercedes buyers are super picky but Rick handled the sale like a diplomat making sure all parties were satisfied. Nice work Low Mile Gems—I’ll be back. 

Peter S.

Ashland, OR


To: rick@wheelchairvanoasis.com

Hi Rick:

I hope you had a nice trip.

I made an offer to a private-party on a 2002 Ford and it was accepted, so it looks like I bought myself a van.

I do believe you have the nicest vans and will recommend you to anyone I hear is looking for a wheelchair van.

It was a pleasure talking to you, also.

Bobbi Pollett


To: rick@lowmilegems.com
Ford Mobility Van

Rick, We love the van.  Thanks for the exceptional customer sevice
and special accomodations.  It was very comfortable doing business
with you and we probably could not have found as nice of a van without you.
Thanks!  The Larsons


To: "Rick Bohr" <rick@lowmilegems.com>
Sent: Monday, October 12, 2014 12:54 PM Subject: I got it

> Hey Rick
> Mardi drove it down this past Thursday.
> I want to let you know how pleased I am with it and to thank you
> once again for taking care of the details.
> You delivered what you promised and I am quit pleased.
> Thanks!

Hi Rick,
 Just want to let you know that the truck runs great!! I would like to thank you for your great, and friendly service last month. It  is nice to find someone that "delivers".... You were honest, and fair from the start, and I am glad I buy the truck. I would recommend that anyone looking for a nice "Low Mile" vehicle should go to Medford and see you....:} :} :}
Take Care
God Bless
Brad Dull