2003  Ford Windstar IMS/Braun conversion
Miles: 31,000
Current Price: $19,900


Easy use by two small-town, private users
Looks, feels and functions similar to new
Has a complete IMS/Braun conversion, which is a premium brand

Options and Equipment

THE VAN:  Is an SE model with 3.8 liter 6 cylinder motor and auto with overdrive. This is a front wheel drive van.  Includes the common power and convenience features you want, plus dual A/C. 

THE GOODIES:  Has custom pin-striping.

MOBILITY:  This is an IMS (Independent Mobility Systems) conversion.  Is the same company as Braun, which is the premium brand many folks are familiar with.  The overall fit and finish and functions are unsurpassed by any other brand.  It has the wonderful features which a modern IMS minivan conversion is comprised of: kneeling suspension which creates a more gentle load/unload angle; power sliding door; power ramp; deeply dropped floor all the way to the dash area which creates generous clearance dimensions and ability to park and a chair in either front position; wireless remote control; infinite-range of locations to anchor a wheelchair; removable front seats to allow for driving from or parking a chair in front area

Dimensions, capacity and specifications: Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions.  I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know.  I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

Has had two owners, each who drove it about 15,000 miles. Both owners lived in small towns in Northern California, thus it has had easy use, not harsh city driving.  And they were non-smokers with no pets in the van.


History of Care

Of course, with such low miles it has not needed much care other than oil changes.  It does have a nearly new battery and the Toyo (quality) tires only have a bit over 10,000 miles on them.   As with each of my vans, it has been extensively inspected and evaluated by the shop which I believe to be the very best in my area.   The only suggestion they had (which was completed) was to replace the cabin air filter.  And they also perform a lube service for me on each van.  This van runs, drives and performs similar to when it was new.

As part of my 'Rick's rejuvenated'' process for wheelchair vans, each mobility component is inspected, serviced, adjusted and repaired (if needed) by the premium company in this area which exclusively cares for wheelchair vans. They were the company that installed this brand new lift.

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Nothing negative or derogatory on the report.

You Might Like To Know...

* Windstars are a bit larger inside than the more common Caravan and Voyager wheelchair vans

* IMS/Braun is a premium brand of conversion

* Has been a personal use van, which is a far better history than vans which have been used in a commercial setting.  This vans looks, feels and seems almost like new.


Summary of this Gem

This 2003 Windstar with IMS (Braun) conversion has only 31,000 miles!  This is the premium brand of minivan conversion. And it looks, feels and functions very similar to when new.  It has had very minimal use by two small-town individuals.  Therefore, the overall condition is obviously superior to a van that has had harsh use as a professional service van in a big city.  And just as each of my vans, it has received a thorough rejuvenation process.


Gentle slope makes loading/unloading easy.
Note: Power ramp and power door and
kneeling each occur with one push of the
remote button.
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Easy to use and wonderfully engineered
remote system: One touch of button A
engages a sequence of kneeling+door opening
+ramp unfolding. And then one touch of
button B reverses the sequence.

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Deeply lowered floor creates generous
headroom and entry/exit clearance.
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Floor is lowered all the way to the dash and
both seats have quick release ability to allow
parking and/or driving in either front position.

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Drivers' side full view
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Drivers' side rear angle 
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Passenger side rear angle 
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Passenger side front angle
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Interior Drivers' side
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Drivers' side rear area
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View of rear hatch area
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Passenger side Interior View
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This photo is a good indicator of van in what is called "kneeling" position.
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This photo indicates van height during driving.
Note: In this photo there is several inches more
distance between tire and body panel.

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* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.