1998/2006 Dodge Maximum-Clearance
Actual Miles: 83,000
Current Price: $15,900


   Recent high-dollar conversion
Rare+desirable because of short length

An attractive wheelchair van...cool

Options and Equipment

THE VAN: Began as a short-body 1998 Dodge 1/2 ton with 5.2 V8, auto w/overdrive, dual A/C, full power and convenience features, chrome wheels, etc.

* Short body wheelchair vans are super rare and are desirable because they are easier to park and maneuver...and they look kinda cute!  Ford and Dodge quit making short length vans in the early 90's and Dodge stopped in 2003.  As for wheelchair vans, very few short length vans were ever converted into W/C vans. Yes, this van is special.

THE GOODIES:  As a brand new van, it had what most people would call a Touring/Cruising conversion by a company called 'Regency', which DID NOT include this tall roof, but did include features of: big windows with shades; accent trim inside and out; running boards and flares; fancy graphics/striping; power seat; rear seat which folds into a bed; and more

MOBILITY:  in November of 2006 the Veterans Administration paid to have this van significantly converted for the folks who I bought it from.  This consisted of: Very tall, contoured roof; very tall doors of super quality; power opening side doors; Ricon lift with triple-redundant operating controls; EZ-Loc electronic floor anchor system; 4-point manual floor anchor system. As with all products, there are various generations and upgrades/updates over a period of time.  Because this conversion was all brand new in late-2006, it is of very modern ability and features, which is superior to the level of equipment available only a few years earlier.

Valuable NOTE: The van was only used by the person in the chair occasionally for 1 1/2 years before he passed on.  Therefore, it has had very little use.  And the cost for the conversion alone (over $17,000) was more than I am now asking for the entire van, and it has now been highly rejuvenated. 

Dimensions, capacity and specifications: Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.

History of Ownership

Has had a total of three owners, of which the first one only had it about 15k miles.

History of Care

I have quite a record of care by the folks I bought it from.  In addition to my rejuvenation process, there has been several thousand dollars invested in the care of this van over the past couple of years. Therefore, in addition to the conversion being very new, the van is in amazing overall condition inside and out, mechanically and cosmetically.

As part of my 'Rick's rejuvenated'' process, each mobility/adaptive component is inspected, serviced, adjusted and repaired (if needed) by the premium company in this area which exclusively cares for wheelchair vans.

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

All good, nothing negative or derogatory on the report

You Might Like To Know...

* This van has the most entry/exit clearance and interior height of any van I have had for sale.  It is very close to the clearance dimensions of the government/agency vans, but is much more attractive due to the short body and styled roof.

* I am not positive and due to regulations I cant make a sure claim, but I am pretty sure this van meets ADA requirements, which is VERY rare for a personal use van...I suppose less than 5% meet these standards.

* Each of my vans has a superb paint sealant as the final step of the extreme detail. If you were to have a professional apply a treatment the cost would be several hundred dollars.

Summary of this Gem

This van was converted in late 2006 at a cost of more than $17,000 and has had little use since that time.  With only 83,000 miles, wonderfully rejuvenated and with more interior height and entry clearance than nearly every other wheelchair van, this is a special and desirable van.

This photo makes very obvious the very tall doors and roof. Significantly, the doors and roof are of highest quality and most well-engineered nature and were newly
installed in late 2006.
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This lift with large platform appears nearly as if it were new due to such limited use.
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An excellent view indicating enormous amount of headroom all the way to the very rear of the van.
Idea: it seems a person could add a shelf above rear seat to create significant storage area.
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These are the control units for power doors and lift and EZ Lock wheelchair anchoring system.  These are current generation controls, much nicer than the previous, older generation controllers.
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Driver's Side Full View
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Driver's Side Rear Angle
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Passenger Side Rear Angle
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Passenger Side Front Angle
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Driver's Area
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Odometer - and gage area.
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This rear bench seat folds flat into a bed.
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Passenger side interior view.
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Smooth operating power side doors.
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Platform in level with floor position.
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Comfortable rear bench has ability to fold flat into a bed.
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Idea: behind this vertical ceiling panel is a sizeable cavity which could be converted into storage area.
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As you may know this is an EZ Lock electronic wheelchair anchoring system. The previous owner was most recently using the manual anchoring system, but this electronic system can easily be utilized by mounting this plate in your desired location.
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General interior view. Notice large windows.
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New carpet, which is a tight, firm weave, which is much easier to roll wheelchair on 
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This control box attached to power cord is one of four methods of controlling power doors and lift.
The four methods are: this corded-box; dash controller; switches on the unit itself; magnetic switches operated via rear tail light area.
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Rear bench folds into a bed...
handy & helpful
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* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.