2006 Ford Three Quarter ton with Awesome, versatile mobility conversion of Braun and other quality components
Miles: 51,000 actual, total miles (yeah!)
Price: $20,600
Will be sold in "Certified" condition which includes warranty: 24 months/24,000 miles

General Description
Standard length (not long or short) Three Quarter ton (E250) with famously great 5.4 liter V8 and automatic with overdrive. Has front and rear ventilation. More details coming soon, or please ask.

Quite tall roof is not a super ugly and boxy style like many are. Notice the front of the roof is at the same slope angle as the windshield, which causes less wind resistance and wind noise than most wheelchair vans that have quite tall roofs; 68 inches (5 ft. 8 in.) of interior headroom!; white paneling on the walls and ceiling; large dome lights in ceiling; nice carpeted storage area above the front passenger and driver; several custom windows, one on each side with a vent and screen, for cross-flow ventilation; heavy duty rubber-like floor with pad underneath

Mobility and Adaptive Features
Was converted when new for use by an Idaho (area with lots of dry air and is very rust free) charity that cared for veterans. Was owned by them since new. One owner. Here are the primary features:

* Awesome heady duty lift from Braun, which is the world leader of lifts

* "Tall doors" with corresponding roof notch. This creates and awesome 58 inches of entry clearance!

* Single person jump seat along passenger rear wall

* Many anchor points in the floor for locating the wheelchair in various locations

* 4 anchor straps


Preliminary Photos

IMPORTANT INFO: these are "preliminary" photos, which show the van prior to Rejuvenation. Flaws will be cared for During our rejuvenation process

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Awesome tall doors on a standard length body, is very hard to find

Within the cosmetic beautification project we will be performing, this will receive upgraded grill, headlights and bumpers, plus stripes/graphics and side moldings.

Super Braun heavy-duty lift

"Preliminary" image. Final Images coming soon

Long and wide platform will accommodate even the largest chairs or scooters

Will receive extensive cosmetic and beautification elements, so that once ready for sale, it will have a more modern and attractive appearance

Quite-tall roof is very sloped at the front, helps with MPG and less wind noise than more boxy quite-tall roofs. Both side windows have screens and vents, for nice cross-flow ventilation when desired

Within the cosmetic beautification project we will be performing, this will receive visually and/or functionally upgraded grill, headlights and bumpers, plus stripes/graphics and side moldings.

An extra seat for one or two people could be added in this mid or rear interior, if desired and/or needed

Great open floor space with many anchor points in the floor for securing wheelchair, an additional seat for one or two people could be added to this interio

Very nicely finished interior, with white panels and carpet throughout

This storage bin is much larger than it appears, due to a photo oddity. It is actually apx. 24 deep by 15 tall and 55 wide! (reduced some by the front of it being sloped)

Jump seat is handy or necessary for many folks, or can be removed if you don't need or want it
This is a very practical, versatile and capable van that has super low miles. It is my favorite category, which is three quarter ton. This gets you a sweet spot of being strong and capable, well beyond a half ton, but it does not ride rough or use as much fuel as a one ton.


Rejuvenation has begun: I have recently acquired this van and the extensive rejuvenation process has begun, which is carried-out by various professional shops and specialists. If you are interested in securing this van for your future purchase (many of my vans are spoken for in this way prior to completion of rejuvenation) please feel free to call or mail me with any questions


NOTE: I am always searching for more vans which are a nice addition to the mix of vans we have to offer. I will post initial information here about each van as I purchase, transform, and then make them available for sale. From the time I purchase a van until my transformation process is completed, averages approximately 4-6 weeks.

Please visit this page periodically.

Thank you,


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Dear Rick... I want to take this time to let you know how excited I am about the 95 Ford camping van that I bought from you. I just love it!! I truly appreciated your kindness, patience and understanding throughout the whole process. I also appreciate the quality of the van. You were nothing like those typical car salesman. You were friendly, cheerful and not pushy....and still gave me a great deal!!! I will certainly send folks your way.

Thanks again!
Dawn Linwood