Since 1953

I am proud to be one of five members of my family who have been in many various aspects of the auto industry in Oregon since 1953. Each of us holding dealers licenses at various times and in several cities.

My dad was the first, when he opened a detail shop in downtown Portland. On a personal note; he and my mom met when they were both taking a lunch break and met at a diner in the large downtown department store, called Montgomery Ward. A few years later, after they married, he started an auto body repair shop. He is now retired.

Over a period of years, two of my Uncles became involved in the industry when they each opened their own repair shops. And my older brother began working for my dad when he was in high-school and progressed over the years to the role he is now, as general manger of a used auto parts company with 15 stores in several states.

As for me, I began working in the family business when I was a teenager. Over the 30 years since then I have had many roles and types of experience. This has included being a mechanic, doing body damage repair, working in a detail shop and as a salesman and manager of various brands of new and used vehicles. I have also been a buyer at auctions and been a photo analyst evaluating totaled vehicles to be purchased to dismantle for parts. At various times in my life I have bought vehicles exclusively from the public, which has given me great insight into the lives of folks and their vehicles. Three years ago I opened this business, which is officially called Low Mile Gems. When I decided to specialize in used wheelchair vans I began operating under the name of Wheelchair Van Oasis.

It has been an interesting life, never boring. I have learned so much and of a greatly varied nature. Over the years and in various contexts, wheelchair vans have been a part of my experience and learning. Now that I am specializing in this niche I love it. I feel that I am being of much greater service to people as I help them solve their need for a wheelchair van than I had selling common used vehicles.

Thank you for reading. I am happy to share with you a summary of my business life and family history in the auto industry.

My best to you in all things,

Rick Bohr