2001 Ford with top-level cruising/touring conversion AND very extensive mobility conversion
Miles: 36,000 (will be sold in "Certified" condition, with warranty)
Current Price: $18,600

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Highlights of This Van:

apx. $4,000 of new and very recent mechanical care and service: please read details below

* This is a verified and guaranteed as being a 'One-Owner' by Carfax

* Due to extensive, special features, can be loaded, unloaded and operated solo by many folks in wheelchairs (no need for a helper)

* Please see and read all about it on this page...this is an amazing and gorgeous full-service wheelchair van

Options and Equipment


: This began as a half ton Ford with XLT package of features. it has the 5.4 liter 'Triton' (great combo of power/torque/MPG was designed to compete with the General Motors Vortec series of engines) engine with overdrive automatic, which is a very proven and fantastic drive-train combination. Included with this van prior to its two major conversions, it had various features such as power windows, mirrors, locks, tilt, cruise and so forth. And it came from Ford with the large fancy bumpers, chrome grill, alloy wheels, dual heat and A/C, fancy cloth interior, upgraded Ford brand CD sound system, and much more.

Touring Conversion

When this was brand new it was converted by a unique and desirable brand called "Roll-A-Long". This company is a premium convertor which has a unique relationship with Ford Motor Company. They have over the decades actually worked in collaboration with Ford and its dealers for many show vans and trucks, modified vans and trucks, prototypes, etc. This is a gorgeous, high-quality and very inclusive conversion. There is too much to list, but here are some highlights of interior and exterior modifications : INSIDE: fancy cloth seats; deluxe carpet; various solid wood trim pieces; misc adjustable lighting in ceiling; large map pockets on doors; misc storage areas; solid wood console; upper area ready for TV and video (has complete pre-wiring); rear seat folds flat to a bed; windows with vents and screens; and much more. EXTERIOR: contoured, moderately tall roof; very strong one-piece running boards with integrated wheel opening flares and steps; fancy graphics and striping; and more


Of course, as a person shopping for a wheelchair van, the mobility features are likely your main focus in regards to features and equipment. This van has a wonderful list of mobility features which have a very high level of function and a great amount of value. Notably, the man who ordered this (it cost $62,000) bought the best and most valuable brand of mobility features, which is from the industry leader called, Braun.

* Braun UVL (under vehicle lift): among most professionals and van users this is considered to be the favorite lift of all time. And due to its installed cost ($10,000-$12,000) is not chosen by many folks. As a result, fewer than 10% of all wheelchair vans have this amazing lift.

* Braun power swinging side doors: these swing out with the push of a remote control button, or the controller on the cable, allowing many folks to load and unload themselves with no need for a helper

* Tall Doors: as you see in the photos, this has the tall doors and corresponding roof-notch that many folks need. And even if you don't need it for entry clearance, it is so nice to have. Because, it makes getting in and out much more comfortable for everyone in a wheelchair or not.

* Braun turning seat: This is has the ability to turn about 90 degrees, as you see in photos. and it has an extreme range of travel fore and aft, up and down and of course, it turns. This allows certain people who are capable, to transfer from their wheelchair in and out of this seat in order to drive from it. Many people need this power turning seat and without it cannot drive from the seat, because they can't negotiate getting in and out of their wheelchair without the drivers seat turning. This is about a $5,000 feature!

* Note: this does not have hand controls. However, they are a relatively very minor cost (well under $1,000) compared to other mobility van features

Dimensions, capacity and specifications:

Please feel free to email or call me with any such questions. I will gladly assist with anything you wish to know. I have discovered that due to the unique way each person evaluates, measures and expresses their needs, I can be most helpful regarding this subject if we communicate directly.


This van has had only one personal-use (not harsh commercial use) owner since new. He sold it to me because they needed to find a good home for it due to his degenerative condition, which makes him no longer able to drive or even ride in the van. When this man bought it new he was in a position of having a large amount of money available and he decided he wanted to get the nicest wheelchair van he could have made. And as you can see in the photos and descriptions above, there was little spared in the creation of this van, via the two conversion packages applied to it.

History of Care

I bought this van directly from the original owner, who lives here in Medford. He was very sorry that when he moved a year ago he had lost the file with his records for care. Of course, because it is now a "Gold-Standard van, and in the process has had very extensive care, it is in amazing condition in every way.


This vehicle is 'Certified': There are a combined 76 mechanical and cosmetic aspects included in the Wheelchair Van Oasis Certification process. A foundational step of the rejuvenation process is when each vehicle receives an extensive inspection by an objective, independent  third- party service and repair facility.  Suggested service, repairs and improvements are then performed by various professional specialists. The result is your assurance  that each of the 76 aspects meets or exceeds the condition level of good, or satisfactory.

For details regarding list of 76 cosmetic and mechanical aspects, please
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Each van does of course have various elements which exceed the promised level of good or satisfactory, which the Certified program assures. Some are brand new improvements performed during rejuvenation.  And others are obvious service or repairs performed recently, prior to my ownership.  As for those, I only list here those positives which are certain, based on my either having a receipt, and/or due to being obvious to the inspecting-mechanic. I refer to these as NEW OR RECENTLY SERVICED ASPECTS

Here are the new and recent items:

New: Transmission service with filter; cooling system service; wiper blades; Front brakes; Rear axle seal and lubricant; upper and lower front suspension ball joints; serviced battery and cables; serpentine drive belt; misc interior and exterior lights; alignment; front and rear shocks; service lift and power side doors and EZ-lock and turning seat; lube and filter
Recent: Very high quality "Toyo" brand tires, which have about 90% tread ! nearly new HD battery
Approximate retail value/cost of above-listed items: $ 4,000

Carfax Report Summary

(Carfax is a widely used database which indicates the history of a vehicle including accidents, prior owners, etc.)

Report shows no accidents of any kind, which is unusual for a vehicle of this vintage.

You Might Like To Know...

* Ford vans have an extremely similar interior and exterior style from 1992 until the mid-2000's. Therefore, when you have a Ford van in the supreme condition this one is in, especially with the very fancy features inside and out which this one has, it looks, feels and seems as though you have a much newer van than a 2000.

* Each of my vans has a superb paint sealant as the final step of the extreme detail. If you were to have a professional apply a treatment the cost would be several hundred dollars.

Summary of this Gem

If a person were to buy a new, similarly equipped wheelchair van with the two premium conversions this one has, it would currently cost around $75,000! This is an amazingly well equipped van and it sure is gorgeous. And of course, after having been extensively cosmetically and functionally rejuvenated, it is now at our "Certified" level and includes a warranty. This is surely one of the nicest vans I have ever had the pleasure of offering.

Gorgeous inside and out...super fancy
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Rear seat folds flat. Nice storage behind seat (when not folded flat)
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Wow, this van is so darned nice
Simple and comfortable
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This controls the electronic docking system in the floor, for securing a wheelchair
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Clean and sharp and cozy in every area
Awesome to have nothing blocking the doorway when this lift is stowed. Fewer than 10% of all wheelchair vans have a lift of this style, primarily due to the cost, which is nearly double a standard style of lift.
Super smooth as you drive wheelchair in and out
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Long and wide platform accommodates even very large wheelchairs (this chair is medium size)
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Nearly new tires
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These wonderful tall doors create an amount of entry clearance that some folks must have, but this feature is very hard to find in a deluxe wheelchair van. Even if you don't need these tall doors, this surely makers it nicer for everyone when going in and out
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* I apologize for any unclear photos. At times, the conditions make a clear photo impossible.

If you would like more information or to see and drive this vehicle,
please call Rick at 541-973-7377.